Off Leash Dog Parks in New York

Sirius Dog Run, New York

Sirius Dog Run offers a large paved space where dogs can run around, play and socialize with other friendly puppers. It has a double-entry gate so that the mischievous ones who love being an escape artist are not able to get out of the park without their pawrents permission. There’s even a small dog pool within its premises. This dog park is situated at a convenient location and hence, visited by the pawrents and doggos of New York. You can take your furbaby there while visiting the city. You can enjoy amazing views of the Hudson River, while your dog plays with his/her new friends.

Thomas Bull Memorial Dog Park, Montgomery

Opened in 2007, Thomas Bull Memorial Dog Park is a dog park located at Thomas Bull Memorial Park. It is a very popular park that allows dogs to run around off leash. The park spreads across a fenced in area of about 1.5 acres and has two different enclosures— one for the smaller doggos and the other, for doggos of all sizes. There are a number of benches where you can sit and watch your furbaby have a great time playing with his/her new furfriends. There are many drinking fountains, waste disposal bag dispensers and trash cans throughout Thomas Bull Memorial Dog Park as well as throughout the other areas of the park. So, if you and your furbaby want to venture out of the off leash area and explore the rest of the park with him/her on leash, you can easily do so.

Greece Canal Dog Park, Rochester

Greece Canal Dog Park is located within Greece Canal Park that spans over an area of about 577 acres. Along with the off leash dog park, the park also houses a soccer field, tennis/pickleball courts, playgrounds, softball diamond and a youth camping area. The dog park covers an area of one acre and has separate areas for small dogs and bigger dogs. So, if you have a tiny furbaby who tends to get a little nervous around the bigger pooches, then you can take him/her to this park. However, there are a few rules and regulations to be followed before and while visiting Greece Canal Dog Park. All dogs are required to be registered with the Monroe County Department of Parks for entry to the dog park. You would also need to submit paper copies of a pet license and rabies certificate before visiting the park. While at the park, you would need to clean up after your dog.

Normanskill Farm Dog Park, Albany

Normanskill Farm Dog Park is an off leash dog park covered mostly with grass, though there are some areas with dirt. For you and your furkid to be able to visit this park, you would have to make sure that your little darling is up-to-date on his/her vaccinations. While at the park, you would need to clean up after your pup. You also need to make sure that your pupper has a great recall and comes running back to you the moment you call him/her. Also, dogs that are not friendly with other dogs and shows even a little sign of aggression are not welcome at this park. Normanskill Farm Dog Park is located in an area with a community garden, a farmland, a golf course, picnic areas, and foot trails. You and your canine family member can explore some of these areas together as long as you keep him/her on a leash.

Disclaimer: Due to Covid-19 related restrictions, the services and business hours of some of the places mentioned above may be different than usual.