Off Leash Dog Parks in Florida

Barber Dog Park, Orlando

Barber Dog Park is located at Barber Park which is a popular place amongst the residents of Orlando. The park has numerous recreational activity options that attract visitors from near and far. From roller hockey and pickleball to soccer and skateboarding— there are tons of fun things to do here. There is also a huge fenced in off leash dog park that is frequented by dogs and their pawrents. It is a great place for puppies to socialize and get their zoomies on. The park has a double-entry gate. So, you don’t need to worry about your little darling getting out of the secure place accidentally. There’s also a dog wash station if you want to give your furbaby a good scrub down before heading back from the park. There is also some agility training equipment in the grassy area. If your pet is athletic and loves jumping around, s/he would have a great time running over and under these objects. The best thing about Barber Dog Park is that it has two separate enclosed areas for small dogs and bigger dogs.

Perrine Wayside Dog Park, Palmetto Bay

Only half an hour drive away from Miami, Perrine Wayside Dog Park is a beautiful piece of nature where doggos can run, play and swim without any restraints, off leash. The park spans over an area of about 3 acres and features a lake. This dog park is a favorite amongst locals and travelers alike. The park has a perimeter fence. So, you can rest assured that your furkid would be safe while playing with his/her new furfriends. There’s a gazebo in the park for you and your pupper when you need some shade. There are also water fountains for the furbabies to drink from. Perrine Wayside Dog Park offers separate areas for small and large dogs. So, if you have a tiny pet who doesn’t do well with bigger canines, or vice versa, then this park is a good option for you and your dog.

Logan Gate Dog Park, Tampa

A humongous grassy field with numerous amenities for dogs and their pawrents— that’s what Logan Gate Dog Park is. Those amenities include drinking water fountains (for dogs and humans), shelters, dog washes, picnic tables, doggie mitt receptacles and a hitching post. It is one of those parks that allow dogs to go off leash and have a great time playing and running around with his/her canine friends. This is a great place for pooches to socialize. If you live in a small apartment and there’s not much space available for your pet to run and exercise, then this place is a great option for your furbaby and you. It is also great for travelers who are staying at a hotel with their pets and need some space to let them stretch and exercise. There are two separate areas for small dogs and large dogs. Logan Gate Dog Park is open from sunrise to sunset.

Canine Cove at South County Regional Park, Boca Raton

Canine Cove at South County Regional Park is a gorgeous and well maintained space that is deemed to be one of the best off leash dog parks in Florida. There are drinking fountains for both, pets and pawrents. There are shaded benches for people to rest on while their furbabies play and have a great time with other doggos. There are also four gazebos and a pet washing station. Poop bags and waste receptacles are available at the park so that pawrents can clean up after their pets. Canine Cove opens at sunrise and closes at sunset. If you’re traveling with a pet at Boca Raton, then this awesome dog park needs to feature in your bucket list.

Disclaimer: Due to Covid-19 related restrictions, the services and business hours of some of the places mentioned above may be different than usual.