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Wyndham Garden Hotel Austin

Pet fee $50 per pet/per stay
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Residence Inn By Marriott Seattle Downtown/Lake union

Pet fee $20 per pet/per night

Key West

Doubletree Resort By Hilton

Pet fee $75 per pet/per stay

Pet Friendly Hotels

In the past, pet parents resented the idea of leaving their pet(s) behind as they traveled. Hotels saw this as an opportunity and ventured into an area that was never addressed before – pet friendly accommodations. Cut to the present, almost every other destination is brimming with pet friendly hotels. However, to pick one is cumbersome. That’s where Ticket Terrier steps in. With our extensive database of best pet friendly hotels, choosing the one that meets your pet’s requirement and your budget is as easy as it can get. We are here 24/7 to answer all your queries and to assist you through your furry friend inclusive travel plans. So, the next time you and your pet are in search of a home away from home, book with us!

Facilities/Benefits in Pet Friendly Hotels

Pet friendly hotels are going all the way to ensure your pet is treated with the best of facilities. While no pet friendly accommodation can do without pet food, pet bedding and pet play areas, hotels are now also providing luxuries like goodies, special room service menu, tickling massages, doga (yoga) classes and surf lessons.

Tips for Staying in a Hotel with Your Pet

Many hotels have warmed up to the idea of having pet(s) as guests. However, hotels do have their own pet peeves. Most hotels welcome clean, hygienic and well behaved cats and dogs. At no point during the stay, should your four legged buddy ever be left unattended in the room. And, when heading out in the hotel premises, your pet must always be on a leash. Pet parents are also expected to always clean up after their pet and/or carry a litter box.


  • What does it mean by pet friendly hotel?

    When a hotel calls itself pet friendly, it means that it will allow pets to stay in the hotel rooms along with their owners. Though the accommodation is available for both dogs and cats, some hotels may allow only dogs as guests in their premises.

  • How do pet-friendly hotels work?

    Yes, hotels today have opened their doors to pets but in order to ensure that other guests enjoy a smooth stay, they have in place certain rules and regulations. Restrictions on the number of pet(s) allowed, their size and weight, and on-site behavior are monitored by the hotel. In case the hotel deems the pet’s presence as a nuisance, they reserve the right to take required action. Thus, pet parents must take full responsibility of their pets.

  • Can you leave pets in hotel rooms?

    No. Most hotels require that no pet must be left unattended in the room. You can, however, leave them under the supervision of the pet care facility, if any.

  • Do pet friendly hotels allow cats?

    Yes. Cats and dogs are welcome in most hotels.

  • Can hotels charge for pet animals?

    Yes. While there are hotels that let your pet stay at no extra cost, most hotels do have a pet fee which may or may not include the cleaning charges.

  • How much is a pet fee at a hotel?

    Most hotels charge a minimum of $20 per day per pet.

  • Are pet friendly hotels more expensive?

    Depending on the hotel you choose to stay in, per day cost varies. However, what you will be paying extra for are the specific pet services provided by the hotel.

  • What are the hotel chains that allow dogs?

    Red Roof Inn, Motel 6, Courtyard by Marriot, La Quinta Inn and Suites, Extended Stay America, Candlewood suites are amongst the best in the business.

  • What should you look for when booking a pet friendly hotel?

    It is important that you book the right hotel for you and your pet. A number of different factors determine what’s right for you and your pet. Read on and find out what they are.

    • Are there any restrictions on the pets that are allowed in the hotel rooms?
      Most hotels allow both dogs and cats to stay in their rooms. However, there are some hotels that allow only dogs in their rooms. There may also be further restrictions pertaining to the pet’s size, weight and breed.
    • What will I pay?
      Depending on the hotel, the pet fee you get charged might be high or low. If you want to save a little money on your travels, then you can look for a hotel that doesn’t charge you anything for your pet’s stay. These kinds of hotels charge a minimal amount as damages fee that is usually refundable. You get this amount back if your pet doesn’t cause any damage to any property belonging to the hotel. However, along with pet fee and refundable damages fee, some hotels may charge you with a deep-cleaning fee, if required.
    • Does the hotel chosen by you have a resident pet?
      Some hotels may have a resident dog or cat as their mascot. This resident animal may be stationed at the reception counter or may be allowed to roam free in the premises on the hotel. If your pet is not friendly with other pets/animals, then this may pose a challenge for you. It is best that you confirm beforehand about the presence of a resident dog/cat before you reach the hotel for a stay.
    • Do they offer special services for pets?
      Some hotels simply allow a pet to stay in their rooms. And some hotels go all out to make their furry guests feel truly welcome. This involves providing services and amenities like pet sitting, exercise areas, pet relief areas, dog treats, bedding, waste bags and food & water bowls.
    • What kind of room is available?
      Most pet friendly hotels have specific rooms that have been designated to accommodate guests traveling with their pets. This ensures that they minimize the cleaning costs and are able to offer pet free rooms to guests who might be allergic to animals. These rooms are usually on the main floor so that you won’t have any trouble taking your pet outside if s/he needs to attend to nature’s call or go for a short walk.