Humane Society International

We have been blessed with the gift of life. Mother Earth has selflessly embraced all things living who call this planet their home. Right from single celled organisms to more complex beings, every breathing body peacefully coexisted within our world. Then where did we go wrong? Looking back, it seems like we were provided with everything even before we asked for it. And, somewhere down the line that drove us humans into becoming greedy for more. And when has greed done any good? The ones who paid the highest price were innocent animals who were forced to abandon their natural habitat, separated from their families and worse treated with cruelty when they had nowhere to go. However, the damage has been long done and today tens of thousands of animals are suffering from illegal trade, breeding practices and abuse.

Humane Society International has taken upon itself the responsibility of animal welfare in over 50 countries. As a team who loves animals, we felt a deep desire to be associated with an organization and do our bit in building a better world for the ones who cannot speak for themselves. Our partnership with Humane Society International is a testimony to that. For every ticket booked with us, Ticket Terrier will donate $1 towards the cause. So, start booking for your pet and his friends!