Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Can my pet travel on a flight with me?

    Most flights accept dogs, cats and household birds in the cabin of the aircraft, in the cargo hold or as checked baggage depending on the pet’s size, weight and the airline’s capacity. However, due to health risks because of cabin pressure and temperature, some breeds may be restricted from flying.

  • Is there any age limitation for pets to travel?

    Pets younger than 8 weeks are restricted from air travel on most airlines.

  • Are there any breeds restricted from air travel?

    Brachycephalic (short-nose) cats and dogs are restricted from flying due to possible health risks. For further information, check our restricted breeds page

  • What if my pet exceeds the airline’s size and weight limitation?

    If your pet’s size allows him/her to be placed under the seat of the aircraft and the weight of your pet and their carrier is not more than 20 lbs, most airlines will accept your pet to travel in the cabin with you. You can check your airline’s specified dimensions on our airline pet policies page. In case, your pet exceeds the size and weight as accepted in the cabin, your pet will either be transported as checked baggage or via the cargo service of the airline.

  • Do I need a special carrier for my pet for air travel?

    The type of carrier depends on your pet’s size, weight, IATA guidelines and the airline’s specific requirements. The carriers can either be soft sided or hard sided. Most airlines recommend that the carrier be large enough for the pet to sit, stand up and turn around comfortably. For further details, check our pet carriers page

  • Can I buy an extra seat for my pet?

    No. Your pet can travel with you in the cabin but will be required to be stowed under the seat in front of you.

  • How do I prepare for my pet’s air travel?

    You will be required to visit your veterinarian to get a complete health check up done and acquire the updated health certificate complete with vaccination records. Depending on the country of origin, transit and destination, other documents such as entry/exit permit and quarantine requirements will need to be met.

  • What if my pet has to travel alone?

    Unaccompanied pets are transported in the cargo hold of the airline.

  • Can an unaccompanied minor travel with a pet?

    No. Most airlines do not allow unaccompanied minors (under 18 years) to travel with a pet.

  • How will my pet be taken care of in the baggage/cargo hold?

    The baggage/cargo hold is pressure and temperature controlled matching that of the cabin. The pet carrier provided by you should be leak proof and resistant to escape, and must also have an adequately supplied food and water bowl to cater to all your pet’s needs for the journey.

  • Can I travel with an emotional support and/or service animal?

    Yes, you can, provided that you are able to present the necessary documents to the airline. Once verified, you will be able to travel with your emotional support/service animal in the cabin of the aircraft. This service can be availed at no cost with most airlines.

  • What steps should I follow on the day of the flight?

    The first thing you must do is arrive at the airport as early as possible. Make sure you have given your pet the time to relieve himself/herself. At the airport, notify the airline staff that you will be traveling with a pet/support animal so they can make the necessary arrangements.

  • Are there any pet care facilities available at the airports?

    Airports are now coming up with pet-relief areas and dog parks within or just outside the premises. However, you won’t find all these facilities at every airport. For further information, check our pet friendly airports page