How Pet-friendly Hotels Work?

The widespread of pet tourism has enabled pet-owners to travel with pets more freely than ever before. The pet industry which was valued at $66 billion in 2016 is growing faster than expected. Amidst the underlying growth, we ought to ask you – Is your Fido a part of your family? Well, if he is, then doesn’t he too deserve to be a part of your family vacation? You don’t have to put your pet and yourself through the painful process of leaving your sweet child alone at home with a sitter. You can tag your baby along with the rest of your family for the trip. However, there are certain key aspects of pet tourism, which you ought to be aware of.

In the trip planning checklist, the most prominent item is selecting the destination hotel. However, not all the hotels are pet-friendly. Are they? And hotels that are pet-friendly can too have a myriad of policies for pet parents to take care of.

Also, there are hotels which claim to be pet-friendly but are not. Not really! Avoid regrets and always make attempts to know exactly what you are heading into. For instance, a comprehensive understanding of pet policies of hotels would render you to plan efficiently. Wouldn’t it?

What can you expect?

A hotel’s friendliness with your pet can be extremely diverse. Some hotels treat your companions just like you do, as part of your family. They’ll provide several amenities for your pets like sheets, pet beds, special foods, leash-free parks, sitters, towels, blankets and sometimes gift baskets. However, others might not indulge into such services.

Most hotels don’t allow your pets on beds and other furniture, while some of them can provide you with base sheets to have your pet sleep with you on the bed. Being aware of this distinction can help you make arrangements accordingly.

What are some other policies?

There are other policies as well, which are in play, when you book a hotel to stay with your pet. For instance, damage policy, entrance fee, and kennel and leash policies. While some hotels do not have any special charges for your pets, others may ask you to deposit a certain refundable amount of money as security against damages. There may also be certain non-refundable charges.

Some hotels ask pet owners to sign a financial agreement undertaking the responsibility for any financial damages that may be incurred due to property damage or other miscellaneous costs that hotels might have to bear in order to compensate for the discomfort caused to other visitors by your pet, if at all.

Further, some hotels have special leash-free areas for your pets, where they can run, jump and play. However, they will ask you to put your friend on leash in other areas. Just a small price to pay, wouldn’t you say?

Basic Requirements by Hotels

Hotels have some requirements related to pets –

  1. Must not be aggressive

  2. Must be tick-free

  3. Must be healthy and properly vaccinated (with proof)

  4. Must be near and clean

  5. Must use designated areas for entrance, dining and other activities

And although it is unsaid, but it does remain your responsibility as a pet owner to clean your pet’s waste immediately and dispose it off as required by the hotel premises.

Hope this helps your pet and you in finding just the right hotel for your next pet friendly vacation.