5 Pet-friendly Restaurants in the U.S.A

5 Pet-friendly Restaurants in the U.S.A

Dining with your pooch by your side at a restaurant is not an unheard or unseen concept anymore. In fact, it is very much a usual sight these days. And, this has only come as a welcoming change to pet owners who want their pets to be a part of their everyday life, especially when the plans involve eating out. Restaurants that have opened their doors to pets are ensuring that these little bundles of joy along with their pet parents are met with inexplicably warm experiences. A staff that is skilled to handle pets is hired and the menu lists dishes not only for pet parents but also for their furry friends. If you have been missing out on brunch meet ups, evening lattes and dinner dates, no worries, browse through our list of pet friendly restaurants, pick the one that suits your taste buds and have a great time with your little buddy.

  1. The Hobbit Cafe, Houston, Texas

As the name suggests, this cafe is embellished according to the relics of the rather famous movie by the same name. The ambience, in itself, is enough to make your pet and you visualize yourselves or closely feel as a hobbit. And above that, the inexhaustible menu of the cafe treats your taste buds to some finely prepared food which remains the highlight.

  1. Rita’s on the River, San Antonio

Rita’s on the River is a Mexican restaurant which opens 250 of its seats for dogs. There are two options available for dining. You can either choose to sit in the covered patio or you can dine at the umbrella tables in the air-conditioned courtyard. They also have special “yappy hours,” the revenue portions from which are donated for local animal rescues. Good food and good vibe with a good cause. What better could your pet and you ask for? So, the next time you’re in San Antonio, take your dog to Rita’s on the River and let your fur baby enjoy the special dog-friendly ice-cream.

  1. Park Bench Café, Huntington Beach, California

Park Bench café is located in a large park which allows your dog to run free and enjoy the breeze before you both sit down to eat. The menu is full of delicious dishes for you but the café doesn’t disappoint your dog either. With a dog menu in place, your dog can relish the special treats like hot dogs and peanut butter dishes. Double wowza? Get going to California then!

  1. Pub Dog Colorado, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Ever wish to get your dog to drink beer? Well, seems like your wish is granted! At Pub Dog Colorado, your dog can pull up a chair next to you and bark cheers to the dog-friendly browser beer available. Insane, right?! Other than that, the pub’s claim to fame is also the multiple dining options where you can legally eat, sitting indoors, with your dogs. Doesn’t this pub, sounds legit cool? Well, then it’s time that your furry friend and you paid a visit.

  1. Sea Glass Restaurant at the Inn by the sea, Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Tag your dog along for a ride to the ocean where he can feast on “Doggie Gumbo” (beef, rice & vegetables) or “The Bird Dog” (grilled chicken, rice & vegetables). The restaurant is totally pet-friendly. And if you wish to stay the night, then the Inn assuredly welcomes your dogs. The restaurant also houses adopted dogs and just if you feel like your furry friend is in need of a friend, then you can take one home with you.