What makes a Hotel truly Pet-friendly?

The staff, the ambience, designated pet-relief areas, special food or is it something else – what makes a hotel truly pet-friendly? The pet tourism industry, which stands at the current valuation of $72.56 billion depicts a staggering growth of up to 4% year on year. More and more pet owners are seen traveling with their dogs and cats for a holiday or perhaps even a business trip. However, as many hotels claim the pet-friendly tag, not all of them are truly pet-friendly. Many visitors have experienced unwelcoming facilities in, believe it or not, some of the most renowned hotels in the country.

In light of these statements we have drawn up some benchmarks to help pet owners identify whether a hotel they are booking is truly pet-friendly or not.

Reasonable Pet Fees

High Pet fees is one of the major concerns of pet owners while traveling with their pets. Some hotels who market themselves as pet-friendly charge a non-refundable one time fees of $125 for a single stay, with an additional fees of $25 per day for cleaning. Doesn’t seem too pet-friendly, does it? On the other hand, there are a few hotels where your pet enters absolutely free of charge.

Charges for cleaning are understandable, however, the non-refundable deposit doesn’t necessarily imply friendliness with pets, don’t you think?

Ergo, while making your hotel booking, opt for a hotel which has reasonable pet fees, if there is a fee at all.

Restrictions for your pet

Some hotels levy lots of restrictions on pets. For instance, they do not allow your pet to be left unattended in the room, or to dine with you on the outside patio of the restaurant. They do not have any leash free areas for your furry buddy to run his heart out. For us these are accurate signs of antagonism. Perhaps, keep these in mind while making your next booking. And if the hotel places any such restrictions, then it probably would be better to try a different one this time.

Allotted Rooms

Next time when you make a booking for you and your sweet child, do inquire about the room they allot to you. Many hotels allot sub-standard rooms to people visiting with a pet. A hotel which would truly be pet-friendly would not differentiate between guests with or without a pet. Therefore, next time if a hotelier tries to scoop you in a room at a different block, it would be wise for you to check in at some other place.

Use a crate or a pet carrier

A crate or a carrier are an absolute must when on a trip with a pet. If you have to leave your pet alone, then a crate or carrier would do wonders for you as hotels don’t allow pets left alone in the rooms.

Open for all pets

A true pet-friendly hotel doesn’t differentiate between a cat and a dog. Many times the term pet-friendly is used as a substitute for dog-friendly by the hotels as they disguise themselves. A hotel which would be truly pet-friendly wouldn’t make discretions between a dog, a cat, a guinea pig, a house rabbit or a turtle. A pet is a pet and a part of your family, irrespective of its species. Perhaps, your cat deserves the same love and hospitality as a dog would have got.

These were some of the discretions that you , as a pet parent must keep in mind, the next time you make a pet friendly hotel booking.