Tips for Staying in Hotels with Pets

Irrespective of whether you are traveling for the first time with your pet or the tenth time, there are certain things which you must keep in mind to ensure a convenient journey and stay. Otherwise, things can really go haywire. As a traveler, it is quite possible for you to miss out on some last minute preparations. Hence, for your convenience, we have compiled a valuable checklist of tips for staying in hotels with pets. Just stick with them and you are sure to have a great time during your stay.

Carefully examine your pet

Before finalizing your travel plans, first study and analyze your pet’s behavior carefully. This will not just save you from loads of trouble, but will help you to plan in an efficient and effective manner. Examine whether he/she is physically fit for the trip or not. A vet checkup will be very useful here. Apart from a health checkup, evaluate his or her level of training and obedience. You would need to be honest here. For instance, if your dog doesn’t always follow your instructions, then walking with him or her in public places can get very frustrating at times. Also, for very obvious reasons, ensure that your pet has an A+ at least in potty training.

Be thorough while choosing your hotel

Once you have carefully examined your pet, it’s time to select a hotel for your stay. Look for pet-friendly hotels. Hotels generally charge additional fees for pets. Though, for some, it is only for the purpose of security against potential damages and is refundable. They can also provide several pet amenities. Besides, prior to booking, having a word with the hotel’s management is always a good idea. Inquire about the housekeeping schedule and plan your sightseeing and other activities accordingly; as you would not want the hotels to call your dog disruptive while they do their job. Also, make sure there is some grassy area in the hotel or around it.

Be selective about your room

Try booking a room on the ground floor as it will be convenient for your pet and you. Also, be wary about the room that hoteliers provide. Some hotels fit pet-owners into torn rooms to avoid damage to property. Hence, when you get in touch with the hotel management, be assertive about such things.

Use a crate or a pet carrier

A crate or a carrier are an absolute must when on a trip with a pet. If you have to leave your pet alone, then a crate or carrier would do wonders for you as hotels don’t allow pets left alone in the rooms.

Explore the place you are visiting

Planning out your trip before leaving would save you from a lot of distress. Explore the place on the internet for all its major pet-friendly attractions, and off-leash parks. A fair idea about the place would help you to map the trip effectively.

Roaming around the streets of an unknown city can be extremely tiring. Perhaps, pre-notion of the experience can go a long way in helping make important choices.

Don’t expose your dog to too many outsiders

Dogs are very emotional creatures. They can easily get anxious. If you are taking them on a trip, they are probably already a bit anxious about the new place. In such a case, too many interactions with strangers can make them very irritable and obnoxious.

Try giving them space and comfort during the trip just like you would at home. And in return, they won’t cause you too much trouble either. They are your most loyal friends, after all.