Pet Friendly Beaches in Maryland

Downs Memorial Park Dog Beach, Pasadena

Downs Memorial Park Dog Beach is one of the best dog friendly beaches in the state of Maryland. While traveling in Pasadena, you and your furbaby can have an exciting day of swimming and sunbathing at this beach. The beach is frequented by dogs and pawrents of the city. So, expect many other puppers to be present there. It is advisable to take your pet there only if they play well with other canines. Downs Memorial Park Dog Beach is open every day, from 7 A.M. till sunset. There are a number of hiking trails nearby. However, dogs are not allowed in any of the nature trails that are located near this beach.

Matapeake Park Dog Beach, Stevensville

Matapeake Park Dog Beach is one of those dog friendly beaches where pooches are allowed to run around without a leash. If you’re planning for a beach vacation with the whole family, then you can add this beach to your bucket list. Which means that your little darling can have the time of his/her life without being under the restraint of a leash. Take a few toys and play a game of fetch in the water if your furbaby loves splashing around. Matapeake Park Dog Beach is accessible via a trail that begins at a public beach.

Ocean City Beach, Ocean City

Golden sandy shores, blue-green waters and a cloud speckled sky above- Ocean City Beach boasts stunning landscapes with beautiful weather. Leashed pets are welcome at this pet friendly beach between October 1st and April 30th. They are also allowed on the boardwalk. Ocean City Beach is quite popular amongst locals and travelers alike. So, it is best for you and your doggo to visit as early in the day as possible. Like most places that allow dogs in their premises, this beach has some pet related rules and regulations as well. One of them being that, pawrents are expected to clean up after their puppers if they make a mess at the beach. So, make sure that you carry waste disposal bags while visiting Ocean City Beach with a pet.

Terrapin Nature Park, Stevensville

Terrapin Nature Park is a serene little piece of nature that is perfect for you to spend some quality time with your family or friends. It has a few beaches that allow dogs on a leash. To reach one of those beaches, you can follow the trail that is accessible from the parking lot. This trail would take you and your doggo through marsh, woodlands and tidal ponds. Watch your little darling’s tail wag faster as s/he sniffs all the new scents in the air. You would enjoy all the sights and sounds of the place too.

Disclaimer: Due to Covid-19 related restrictions, the services and business hours of some of the places mentioned above may be different than usual.