Pet Friendly Beaches in California

Coronado Dog Beach, Coronado

A long stretch of sandy beach, the beautiful expanse of ocean and the soothing sound of the crashing waves— Coronado Beach is pretty amazing. At the north end of the Coronado Beach is the Coronado Dog Beach which is popular amongst the pawrents of Coronado. There is a dog run area at this beach where your pupper can run free without any leash. Free poop bags are provided at the entrance. You would need to clean up after your furbaby if s/he makes a mess. This dog friendly beach is open 24 hours a day. So, you and your doggo can visit it any time you want. You can enjoy the views or sunbathe, while your pet has a great time playing with his/her new furfriends.

Huntington Dog Beach, Huntington Beach

Huntington Dog Beach is perfect for a day of fun under the sun. It is counted amongst the most pet friendly beaches in the country. People who love to travel with their pet need to visit this beach at least once in their life. There are tons of fun activities that you and your pooch can indulge in together at this beach. However, the most fun activity has to be surfing. Not just you, your dog can join you for surfing if s/he loves trying out new things. There’s even an annual event dedicated exclusively to adventurous furbabies who can ride the waves like a pro. It’s called the Surf City Surf Dog competition. How awesome is that? You can take your dog to participate in the event or go there as a spectator. Either way, you and your pupper are bound to get entertained.

Kiva Beach, South Lake Tahoe

If you’re looking for dog friendly beaches in South Lake Tahoe, then Kiva Beach is a name you can consider. It is located near Highway 89, between the Tallac Historic Sites and Taylor Creek. Inviting shores, refreshing waters, sunny skies, serene woods and majestic mountains— Kiva Beach has it all. Officially, only leashed pets are allowed at this beach. However, you might still see a dog or two running around without a leash and playing in the water with his/her pawrent. It is best to stick to the rules and regulations of the place. You and your pooch can still have a lot of fun even when you explore the place with your furbaby on a leash.

Fort Funston Doggie Beach, San Francisco

Fort Funston Doggie Beach is considered to be the best dog friendly beach in San Francisco. The reason being all the exciting outdoor activity options available in and around the beach. Your doggo can run off leash, swim in the water and make new friends at this beach. You just need to make sure that as s/he is trained well enough to obey your voice commands and comes back to you when called. When you’ve had plenty of time on the beach, you and your furbaby can go hiking at the nearby trails and spend some time on the scenic hills. You may get to see some local wildlife while on a hiking trail. If your pupper has the tendency to get spooked or too curious about other species, then it is best to keep him/her leashed while hiking. Fort Funston Doggie Beach is open from sunrise to sunset.

Disclaimer: Due to Covid-19 related restrictions, the services and business hours of some of the places mentioned above may be different than usual.