Pet Friendly Hiking Trails in Utah

Aspen Grove Trail, Mount Timpanogos

Aspen Grove Trail is a dog friendly hiking trail that leads hikers through the stunningly beautiful wilderness of Mount Timpanogos. A forest, river, rocks, lake and waterfalls— this amazing hiking trail has it all. You also get to see countless bright cheery wildflowers along the way. Especially if you visit during late July or early August. This is when the flowers are in full bloom. The trail is 15.6 miles long and starts at the Theater-in-the-Pines picnic area on the mountain’s east side. When it comes to the difficulty level of the hiking trail, it has been rated as hard. So, if you are a first time hiker, then this hiking trail is not recommended for you. Other than dogs, horses are also allowed on this hiking trail. So, it is best to keep your dog on a leash while hiking at this trail. Though it is a hiking trail, nature lovers visit this place for horseback riding, snowshoeing, bird watching and camping.

Adams Canyon Trail, Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest

Adams Canyon Trail is a 3.8 mile hiking trail accessible from Kaysville. This hiking trail leads you through a tranquil forest to a high waterfalls making its way through giant rocks. Adams Canyon Trail is one of those hiking trails that allow dogs to accompany their humans. So, you can take your furbaby with you while exploring this place. When it comes to the difficulty level of the hiking trail, it has been rated as moderate. Hence, it is considered to be a kid friendly trail as well. Visitors are allowed to go hiking at this trail all year round. If you visit during the winter season, you would need to wear micro spikes as the ground can get somewhat icy and slippery. The waterfalls also freezes over at this time. It looks quite enchanting.

Stewart Falls Trail, Mount Timpanogos

Stewart Falls Trail is a pet friendly hiking trail located at Mount Timpanogos. It is accessible from Aspen Grove. This serene hiking trail is about 3.4 miles long and as the name suggests, leads hikers to tall cascading waterfalls. There are many species of plants and animals living in the area. So, bird watching is one more thing that the place is good for. The best time to go hiking at this trail is thought to be from May till October. However, during the colder months, the whole place turns into a winter wonderland, covered in a layer of snow. And the waterfalls stay frozen for a few days! It is a sight to behold. This is when the hiking trail can get a bit muddy and icy. So, if you decide to visit Stewart Falls Trail during the winter months, then it is best to wear crampons or microspikes for some extra safety.

Living Room Lookout Trail, Red Butte Canyon Research Natural Area

Living Room Lookout Trail is a 2.3 mile hiking trail located at the Red Butte Canyon Research Natural Area. Pets are allowed on this trail. So, if you’re planning to go hiking with your dog, you can add this beautiful hiking trail to your bucket list. The views from pretty much all parts of the trail are quite wonderful. The rocks at the top have been arranged in a way that makes them look like chairs and couches. You can sit there for a while and enjoy the sweeping vistas all around you. Though Living Room Lookout Trail has been rated as a moderate hike, you won’t find much shade in the trail. So, you would need to carry plenty of drinking water with you as you might get thirsty from spending so much time under the sun. Especially if you go hiking at this trail during the summer months.

Disclaimer: Due to Covid-19 related restrictions, the services and business hours of some of the places mentioned above may be different than usual.