Pet Friendly Hiking Trails in California

Horsetail Falls Trail, Twin Bridges

Horsetail Falls Trail is a dog friendly hiking trail that starts at Twin Falls. Like the name suggests, the trail takes you to a waterfalls that looks like a horse’s tail. The sheer size of the mountains and the waterfalls is quite magnificent. This is a place where you and your pooch get to breathe in the fresh mountain air while admiring all the natural beauty around. The forested mountain that this trail is on is home to a number of wildlife species that usually like to hide from humans. You may still get a few glimpses of the woodland critters if you keep an eye out for them. From May to October is deemed to be the best time to go hiking at the Horsetail Falls Trail.

Big Pine Lakes Trail, Big Pine

Big Pine Lakes Trail is a 16.2 mile hiking trail that offers some of the most stunning views in California. Mountains, rocks, river, lake, waterfall, forest and wildlife- this amazing hiking trail has everything! Along with hiking, there are a number of other exciting activities that can be undertaken at Big Pine Lakes Trail. Those activities include running, fishing, bird watching and camping. It is one of the most beautiful places to go hiking with your dog. However, the trail has been rated as difficult. So, if you have a tiny pupper who loves exploring the great outdoors with you, you might have to carry him/her in a dog carrier backpack at certain areas. From March till October is considered to be the best time to go hiking at Big Pine Lakes Trail.

Runyon Canyon Trail, West Hollywood

Runyon Canyon Trail is a 2.7 mile hiking trail that is accessible throughout the year. It is a pet friendly hiking trail. So, if you’re planning for a dog friendly hike, then it is a good option for you and your doggo. Runyon Canyon Trail is a very popular hiking trail. So expect to see many people there, and a few doggies too. If your pupper is not very friendly with other puppers, then it is best to keep him/her on a leash while exploring this hiking trail. Runyon Canyon Trail has been rated from moderate to easy when it comes to the difficulty level of a hiking trail. The trail doesn’t have that many tall trees along the way, hence, no shade. So, you would need to carry plenty of drinking water for you and your pupper. Once you reach the top, you get to see sweeping vistas of Los Angeles. Sit down at the bench or on one of the rocks to soak in all the sights and sounds of the surroundings.

Eagle Rock via Pacific Crest Trail, Warner Springs

The Pacific Crest Trail spans over many states in the country. However, the one that leads to Eagle Rock runs about 6.2 miles long. This rocky wonderland of a hiking trail has been rated easy and is suitable for all levels of hiking skills. Hence, it is a trail where the whole family can enjoy hiking together, even the furry ones. Pacific Crest Trail is considered to be one of the best dog friendly hikes in California. While on this trail, you get to see many species of wildlife including pretty and vibrant wildflowers. While planning a trip to this hiking trail, try to go early in the morning as sunrises at this trail are known to be quite magical.

Disclaimer: Due to Covid-19 related restrictions, the services and business hours of some of the places mentioned above may be different than usual.