Pet Friendly Hiking Trails in Montana

Strawberry Lake Trail No. 5, Flathead National Forest

Strawberry Lake Trail No. 5 is a 6.5 mile hiking trail that is accessible from Bigfork. It is located at Flathead National Forest. If you are planning to go hiking with your dog, you can choose this trail as it is a pet friendly hiking trail. Even though it has been rated as hard when it comes to the difficulty level, many seasoned hikers make their way through this trail with their loyal four legged friend by their side. The fresh mountain air, the chirping birds, other woodland creatures, the bright wildflowers, the soft rhythm of the flowing river, the serenity of the lake— everything you get to see at this hiking trail make your soul happy. Strawberry Lake Trail No. 5 also offers a number of adventure options such as camping, mountain biking and off-road driving.

Storm Castle Peak, Gallatin National Forest

The trail that leads to Storm Castle Peak runs approx. 4.6 miles long and offers some pretty awesome views. A number of wildlife species including native wildflowers are part of these views. Then there is the forest and the river that make you feel truly close to nature. It is a dog friendly hiking trail. So, you can take your furbaby with you while on a trip to this place. When it comes to the difficulty level, the trail has been ranked as moderate. The best time to use this hiking trail is deemed to be from April till October. Storm Castle Peak is located about 30 minutes south of Bozeman.

Beehive Basin Trail No. 40, Big Sky

Located near Big Sky, Beehive Basin Trail No. 40 is a 7.1. mile hiking trail that offers fresh air, stunning scenery and a respite from the hustle and bustle of city life. It is a hiking trail that allows dogs. So, while planning for a hiking trip at this trail, you won’t have to leave your furbaby behind at home or the hotel. And we all know that our pooches love spending time in nature almost as much as we do. So, what can be better than to give them a chance to explore this beautiful piece of nature? Along with hiking, you can also go camping at Beehive Basin Trail No. 40. The best time to visit this place is from May till October. You get to see some wildlife while at this trail. If you want to avoid a close encounter, it is advisable for you to carry a bear spray in case you come face to face with one.

Ousel Falls Park Trail, Gallatin Gateway

Ousel Falls Park Trail is a 1.6 mile hiking trail located near Gallatin Gateway. It is known to be a kid friendly and dog friendly hiking trail. So, no one gets left behind at home and the whole family can spend some quality time together while hiking at this trail. The place is visited by not only nature lovers and adventurers but because of all the wildlife species that call this place their home, Ousel Falls Park Trail is also frequented by bird watching fanatics. Like the name suggests, there’s a waterfalls towards the end of this trail. This is where you get some great photo ops, though the rest of the trail is worth taking photos of as well. The best time to go hiking at this location is thought to be from April till October.

Disclaimer: Due to Covid-19 related restrictions, the services and business hours of some of the places mentioned above may be different than usual.