Pet Friendly Hiking Trails in New Mexico

Fir and Little Apache Loop Trail, Lincoln National Forest

If you’re looking for a great hiking trail to go hiking with a dog, then you can add Fir and Little Apache Loop Trail to your bucket list. It is a 5.4 mile hiking trail located at Lincoln National Forest. It is accessible from Cloudcroft. Though it is a pet friendly hiking trail, you would still need to keep your pooch on a leash while exploring this place. Fir and Little Apache Loop Trail are open to visitors all year round and are suitable for hikers of all skill levels. Hence, it is a kid friendly hiking trail as well. This well-marked trail takes you through a beautiful forest with chirpy birds and other woodland critters. You also get to see some delicate native wildflowers at this serene hiking trail.

Rinconada Canyon Trail, Petroglyph National Monument

Rinconada Canyon Trail is a 1.1 mile long hiking trail that is accessible from Albuquerque. It is a dog friendly hiking trail. However, they must be kept on a leash at all times. It is located in the Petroglyph National Monument. So, there are a few rules and regulations that must be followed by you and your pupper while hiking at this trail. Climbing on the boulders — big or small — is not allowed. It might cause a rock fall, and put you and others in danger. Many species of plants and animals live in the area near the trail. So, it is best for you to stay in the specific marked trail so that you don’t disturb any of the wildlife or its habitants. Visitors are not allowed to touch any of the petroglyphs as it might contribute towards their destruction. Also, don’t forget to clean up after your dogs. It is important to keep the place clean.

Pine Tree Trail, Las Cruces

Pine Tree Trail is a 4 mile hiking trail that is open to hikers throughout the year. Rated as moderate, the hiking trail is one of those hiking trails in New Mexico that allow dogs. So, you don’t need to leave your pupper at home or a hotel while you go hiking at this trail. However, you would need to keep them on a leash while hiking there. It is also a kid friendly trail. So, the whole family can have a great time making their way through this trail. Depending on your level of fitness and how fast you want to walk through the trail, the hike might take between 2-4 hours. There are trees and shrubs on either side of the Pine Tree Trail and you get to see some amazing panoramic views from the top. You also get to see some wildlife along the way— plants and animals both.

Nambe Lake Trail, Santa Fe National Forest

The trail that takes hikers to the Nambe Lake is deemed to be one of the most beautiful hiking trails in New Mexico. The Nambe Lake trail is about 6.5 miles long and is known to be a pet friendly hiking trail. It is accessible from Santa Fe. The best time to go hiking at this trail is from May to October. The trail can get somewhat icy in the winter season, so it is advisable to put on crampons while hiking at this place during the harsh winter months. Other than hiking, Nambe Lake Trail is also frequented by people who love to go snowshoeing and bird watching. The place is blessed with nature’s bounty. So, you’ll get to see a number of plant and animal species while hiking at this place.

Disclaimer: Due to Covid-19 related restrictions, the services and business hours of some of the places mentioned above may be different than usual.