Pet Friendly Hiking Trails in Nevada

Skunk Harbor Trail, North Lake Tahoe

Coral blue waters with a forest on both sides and sunny skies above— that’s Skunk Harbor in a nutshell. The hiking trail that takes you to Skunk Harbor is a 2.8 mile trail and is accessible from Glenbrook. There’s a lake and hence, a beach at the end of this trail. The difficulty level of this hiking trail has been rated as moderate. Locals and travelers use this hiking trail for hiking, running and mountain biking. It is a kid friendly trail. One where you can easily take a toddler in a stroller. It is also one of those hiking trails that allow dogs to go off leash. So, you and your furbaby can enjoy the hike without him/her being restrained and restricted to a certain extent. However, to make sure that your dog doesn’t disturb anyone at the trail, you would need to make sure that your pooch is well trained and has perfected the recall command. The best time to go hiking at this trail is from April to November.

Stateline Lookout Trail, North Lake Tahoe

Stateline Lookout Trail is a 1.5 mile (approx.) hiking trail that has been rated as easy when it comes to its difficulty level. Located at North Lake Tahoe, the hiking trail is accessible from Crystal Bay. The whole hiking trail is paved and you would find it pretty easy to make it to the end of the trail. Though it doesn’t take much time to actually make it through the trail, you’ll end up staying longer as you would want to spend some time admiring all the stunning landscapes and clicking tons of photos. It is a dog friendly hiking trail. So, you can take your pupper along for the adventure while exploring this place. The best time to go hiking at this trial is deemed to be from May to October.

Railroad Tunnel Trail, Lake Mead National Recreation Area

Railroad Tunnel Trail is an 8.2 mile hiking trail that can be visited throughout the year without any problem. The trail leads you through old railroad tunnels up to Hoover Dam. The hiking trail is accessible from Boulder City. It is supposed to be an easy hike. So, no matter how non athletic you may be, you should be able to make this hike without too much effort. Also, Railroad Tunnel Trail is a pet friendly trail. So, it is a good place to go hiking with dogs. It is also a kid friendly trail. The hiking trail is somewhat different from other hiking trails as there is a lot of history attached to this trail pertaining to the old railroads that were in use during the early 1930s.

Hunter Creek Trail, Toiyabe National Forest

Hunter Creek Trail is a popular 6.4 mile hiking trail that is accessible from Reno. It leads you through a wooded area to a tranquil cascading waterfalls. You get to see a river, tiny streams and many species of wildlife (including pretty wildflowers) while hiking at this trail. Hunter Creek Trail is a pet friendly hiking trail. So, if you’re planning to go hiking with a pet, then you can add this trail to your bucket list. Though certain areas of this trail are rocky, it is still considered to be a kid friendly hiking trail. The best time to visit Hunter Creek Trail is thought to be from April to October.

Disclaimer: Due to Covid-19 related restrictions, the services and business hours of some of the places mentioned above may be different than usual.