Vacation plans? Not  without your pets!

Vacation plans? Not without your pets!

Need a break? A change of space? A new view and newer experiences? We all do! And embarking on a new journey with your beloved ones adds so many more layers to all the fun, games and laughter. And with pets, who are as much a member of your family as other hooman members, the experience is only exponentially magnified. An increasing number of families with pet children are choosing to go on much needed vacations with their babies. And with each passing day and with advanced facilities and provisions, many more are warming up to the idea of pet friendly travel. After all, a guilt free vacation isn’t too much to ask for. Is it?

But of course, a travel plan that includes your pets, calls for considering your pet’s needs, desires and personality. Whether your pet likes adventure or something calmer like the beach, whether they prefer to be around people or other animals, whether they are physically fit or have any bodily limitations, and whether they are experienced travelers or a novice, all this and more will and should affect your decisions regarding the vacation. If these things aren’t taken into account, the trip may not turn out the way you pictured it in your head.

Testing the waters

Animals are curious beings but they also find comfort in familiarity. If this is the first time you are planning to travel with your pet, try to keep your vacation short and sweet. This will ensure that your pet pushes his/her own limits while also making sure that they come back to the same old surroundings soon enough.

Understanding your pet

Consciously make time for things your pet(s) especially enjoy while also giving them sufficient chances to explore and do more. This will help you make notes on what are your pet’s preferences and what are their pet peeves! These observations will prove valuable both for your pet and you the next time you plan a trip.

Pet friendly environment

Understand the difference between places that are truly pet friendly and those that claim to allow pets. You might not see it yet, but this will impact your trip leaps and bounds. If a place simply allows your pet an entry, there may be other restrictions that bar your pet from making the most of the trip and consequently may ruin your experience as well. You may be asked to put your pet on a leash at all times or to ensure that your pet does not make any noise or you may even be charged an extra fee for the cleaning services.

Potty time! But where?

What becomes evidently important but usually neglected is the potty training of the pets. Their regular dumping places and their relieving schedules will both change during the vacation. And the home training may not necessarily work here as your pet may take time to adjust to the all-new surroundings. So what does one do? Train along the way or carry their respective litter with you. It won’t take much of your time or effort but will put your pet at ease about traveling with you today and forever!

Pet packing

And last but not the least, pack all the essentials for your pet like you would for yourself - like an ID’d collar,leash, food and treats, containers, poop bags, shampoo, brushes and of course, the favorite pet blankie.

What’s best for your pet?

If after all this you realise that your pet isn’t much of a traveler and would be safer and would feel much better if s/he is left at home, then we must always be mindful of that and make proper arrangements for him/her so that they are taken care of in your absence. In most cases this may be due to age or health related reasons and while they may not be able to speak, we can always try to understand and respect them.

But if all else goes well, your pet will fall in love with the idea of traveling and every vacation will be a pet friendly vacation!