Pet  Travel: What is the difference between cabin, cargo and baggage  travel

Pet Travel: What is the difference between cabin, cargo and baggage travel?

Exploring a destination with your pet is an amazing experience. But, that’s the bit that follows after you’ve worked through all the nitty-gritty of how your pet will be flown to the destination on an airplane. Will your pet share a seat with you? Or will they find space in the baggage deck? Or will they be flying solo on a cargo? All of these questions can overwhelm a pet owner as you. That’s why we are here to help you address all the questions lurking in your mind.

To start off, flying with a pet depends on the airline, the destination of travel, and the size and breed of your pet. So, let’s get started!

Pets traveling in cabin

If your pet is a small one, then s/he can travel with you in the cabin. Of course at an extra small fee that may vary according to different airlines. A small pet is usually counted amongst the carry-on item. However, during the entire duration of the flight, your pet should remain in the travel bag. Even when a pet qualifies as small, there are certain restrictions imposed by the airline on his/her height, weight, size and type. To discern the airline’s pet travel policy, it is advisable that you contact the airline and notify them well ahead in time about your travel plans with a pet in cabin. This step will help you gain clarity whether your pet will be allowed to fly with you in cabin as airlines restrict the number of pets allowed on each flight. Other than that, airlines also regulate the size of the travel bag your pet will be carried in. So, make sure your travel bag meets the requirement. Similarly, the weight of the pet while placed in the carrier should also be measured to ensure that it falls under the maximum weight limit. If the weight exceeds, agents at the gate of the airport will refuse entry and further negotiations.

Pets traveling as checked baggage

Pets are flown as baggage when you are on the same flight and they are traveling in the cargo hold beneath. This is usually applicable for pets that are medium sized. At all the time during the duration of the flight, your pet will be kept inside the kennel that meets the airline approved size limitation. With a pet to be sent as checked baggage, you need to arrive early at the airport to run through the process smoothly. To ensure that your pet has a smooth flying experience, contact the airline to find out about the travel dates that are suitable for flying a pet. On extremely hot or cold days, airlines don’t allow pets to travel in the baggage hold. There are also certain limitations to the number of pets that can travel as baggage on flights. So, you need to get in touch with the airline to clarify the same.

Pets traveling as cargo

Pets are air transported as cargo when they are flying alone. This is the situation mostly, when you are sending your pet unaccompanied to a location. Considered a pricey arrangement which is subject to variation, the process of sending a pet as cargo should begin early starting with whether the airline permits travel for the specific breed your pet is. All the other travel requirements remain the same as the rules of flying a pet through checked baggage.

So, make your pick and fetch your tickets for pet friendly travel adventures!