Halloween: Safety Tips for Pets 

Halloween: Safety Tips for Pets 

October, a month everyone eagerly waits for. In fact, a month everyone waits for to end. Because, 31st of october, the evening before All Saints Day, is observed as Halloween Day. Out of the world costumes, creative face paints, quirky masks, lit pumpkins, candy filled baskets and trick or treaters sprawled streets, that’s halloween for you. Add to that, haunted houses, jumpscare pranks and pets with their A-game on and you will have the perfect recipe for Howl-o-ween!

But, let’s be honest, all the hustle and bustle, unusually dressed people and unfamiliar decorations can be a big cause of worry for pets and pet owners.

So, here are a few Halloween safety tips for pets to keep in mind to make it a secure and memorable day for both you and your pets. 

  1. To dress or not to dress

Not all pets are comfortable in wearing costumes, so if you do choose an outfit for your pet, keep in mind that they should be able to move freely and that the costume does not obstruct their hearing, breathing or eyesight. Also, do try on the costume before the halloween night so your pet can get used to it. 

  1. To eat or not to eat

So, halloween and candies go hand in hand right? But if you thought the same applies for pets, you’d be wrong. Because chocolate and artificial sweeteners found in candies can be poisonous for pets. So make sure that you keep the chocolates and candies out of reach of your pets. 

  1. To go out or not to go out

Halloween is a time of pranks and more often than not, pets have been known to fall prey to such tricks. Avoid leaving your pets out in the yard alone. If you do take them along on your trick or treating spree then you must put them on a leash or inside a pet carrier. 

  1. To decorate or not to decorate

Even indoors, your pet may be at risk since Halloween decorations like lit candles, fake cobwebs, rubber eyeballs, fake blood, glow sticks et al can be pointy and inedible and can pose threats of choking risks, fire hazards and toxic threats. So, pet owners are expected to be careful with their decor and keep hazardous objects out of reach of pets.

  1. To ID or not to ID

Festivities are always a time of rush and chaos, and no matter how careful you are, there is always a chance that your pets may try to escape or get lost in the crowds. It is always a good idea to put a tag on them with their name and a contact number. Even better would be to fit a microchip inside them for easier tracking. 

  1. To make noise or not to make noise

Halloween means trick or treaters continuously ringing the doorbell, scared screams and spooky noises and unfortunately these can be startling and even anxiety causing for your pets. It is important that you try to minimize the noise as much as possible and create a safe room for them away from risky decor and noisy ambience. 

Once you have checked all these pointers, there is no stopping you and your pet from having a good time. A pet friendly halloween is yours to terrify and enjoy!