Best  Places to be with your pet for Halloween

Best Places to be with your pet for Halloween

Come October, and Halloween is what everyone waits for with bated breath. And don’t be surprised to know that when we say everyone, we mean everyone - including your furry companions. For pets, Halloween is a curious time what with all the new and interesting decorations, tasty treats and the hustle and bustle of people dressed in elaborate and colorful costumes. What makes the 31st of the month even better is when pets too eagerly participate in all the festivities. Imagine, fluffy pooches wagging their excited tails while trotting down the streets in unique costumes of their own. How cute! 

Now imagine, if there were places you could be and things you could do, especially designed for pets on the occasion of Halloween. Well who said you can’t!

Here is a list of pet friendly Halloween Ideas for you to choose from. 

  1. Pet Friendly Halloween Parades

Is your pooch gonna be dressed in his/her spooktacular best? That’s not enough though, is it? Where can they strut about on a red carpet flaunting their Howl-o-ween best and even win rewards and tasty treats? At the many Halloween Costume Parades. That’s where! There’s the Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade in New York, the Haute Dog Howl'oween Parade in Long Beach, the Wag-O-Ween in Savannah, and the Doggone Halloween Costume Parade in Boston. So start prepping and give your pet and yourself a chance to win  Best Costume, Scariest Costume, Most Creative Costume, Best Dog or Human Duo Costume. 

  1. Pet Friendly Halloween Races

If Parades are too basic for you, then why stop there? Because there are many Halloween races and marathons all around the country. For a scary yet fun run, Atlanta’s 5k Rhodes Race at the Haunted Castle is what you need to take part in. If haunted isn’t scary enough then why not do a night run at the Tick or Treat: 5K Night Trail Run in Kansas. And what if you could run/walk for a cause while also having your essential Halloween fun? Annual Halloween Mutt Run 1K/5K Run/Walk in San Diego is just where you need to be to support Labs and More Rescue Foundation.  

  1. Pet Friendly Haunted Hotels

After all the parades and races, you and your furry friend would need a place to rest and relax. But, the Halloween fun need not stop because there’s the luxurious yet eerily spooky hotels with a haunted past of their own. Be it the spirit of Julia Staab at La Posada de Santa Fe or the ghost of heartbroken Kate Morgan at Hotel del Coronado, the Hawthorne Hotel in Salem, famous for its paranormal activities or the Hamilton Turner Inn in Savannah, you and your pooch can take ghost tours and keep the spirit(s) of Halloween alive at these hotels. Quite literally! 

  1. Pet Friendly Halloween Festivals

It’s been a tradition for more than 70 years that the streets of Irvington host an Annual Historic Irvington Halloween Festival. This is a week long pet friendly Halloween Festival with an exclusive Canine Costume Contest, which your pets can participate in. The festival is perfect for both humans and pooches to ignite the Halloween feels.

With this, ends our pet friendly Halloween guide and begins your spooktacular Halloween escapades! Go Howl!