How  to plan a trip with your pet?

How to plan a trip with your pet?

Pet friendly travel has become a thing by now. And, we couldn’t be more thankful to all those pet parents that went through the troubles of countless planning and stringent rules and regulations to make pet travel a possibility. In fact, it has come down to the point where it is no longer about taking your furry friend on a trip but about planning a trip centered on them. Such a love and bond is admirable and inspiring to all other pet parents who are struggling to put the pieces together of how to go on a trip with their four legged buddy. If you are one of them, don’t be upset. Instead, take inspiration from the ones who are doing it right and head out to explore the world with your little bundle of joy. After all, nothing’s better than going on a trip with your best companion.

To plan a pet-centric trip, you’ve got to keep certain things in mind to ensure a no hassle travel experience. So, let’s get you started with planning a trip with your pet to the places you (both) have always wanted to go!

The type of experience

To begin with, it’s really important to figure out what type of experience your pet and you’re looking for in a trip. What are the things you both enjoy doing together? What makes you both happy? What are you both in the mood for? It’s essential that we address all these questions to narrow down the travel experiences that will give us immense fulfillment. All these questions will help you decide whether you both want to share the excitement of lounging on the sand and splashing the water on a beach, hike through wilderness and reach the summit of happiness in the embrace of mountains, indulge in retail therapy, socialize and explore the pleasures of an urban city or just disconnect with the world, relax on your couches, gaze at the quietude lapped in nature and spend time bonding. Whatever you both want to do together is the first step into planning a pet-centric trip. So, get down on deciding what you would like to experience together on your next travel.

The destination of travel

Once the type of experience you both are looking for in a trip has been mutually established, it’s time to take a plunge onto the next step of planning a trip with your pet. Whether you have settled for a beach, mountain, rural or urban experience, the process of narrowing it down helps a big deal in deciding the right destination. With a specific experience or two in mind, you can start your search for destinations that checks it off. Based on the agreed upon experience, you can further filter the destinations by researching about things to do there with a pet. A research like that will reveal to you what all you can do, what all you can see, where all you can eat and more. All these information come in handy when finalizing the destination of travel. After all, you want to make sure that your pet will be allowed at most places if not all and is able to enjoy unrestrained. Taking all these factors into consideration, zero in on the destination that stands out as pet travel friendly and lets you both have a great time vacationing.

The Right Accommodation

Once the destination is decided, it’s time to book a place of stay. This one can get a little tricky because many accommodations that label themselves as “pet friendly” come with a long list of do’s and don’ts. And, that is indication enough that they are not that pet friendly after all. So, you’ve got to steer clear of such accommodations as you do not want to be constantly worrying about breaking the rules. When deciding on an accommodation for your pet and you, it’s important to delve into what you both want. Is it a quaint inn in the countryside, a cabin in the woods, a cottage looking out to a lake, a vacation rental by the beach or a plush hotel in the heart of a city? You both have to make a pick. With a pet in tow, an accommodation may charge different than what it usually does. So, you have to consider the budget too while looking for the right accommodation. Clear out on all the charges that may be imposed to avoid any last minute disagreements. Also, since you are willing to pay extra for a pet, make sure to find out what services and amenities s/he will be provided. Is there going to be a designated pet dump area, a pet welcome basket, room service menu, pet spa and massage service or more? Considering all these factors will ensure a great stay during your trip with your best pal.

Now that you know what goes into planning a pet-centric trip, get chatty with your furkid and head out for a pet friendly vacation!