How much will  traveling with my pet cost?

How much will traveling with my pet cost?

When you are an avid traveler as well as a pet parent, there are plenty of logistics, apprehensions and realities to be considered. There is no beating around the bush, when you are blessed to be a pet parent, traveling - with or without your pet, will both incur some extra cost and let’s face it, the excess expenditure is unavoidable. If you opt, with a heavy heart, to leave your pet behind, the extra cost suffered will pertain to the fees attached with the boarding facilities or with a pet sitter that charge on a per day basis and aren’t particularly easy on the pocket. Right? Whereas, if you choose to take your pet baby along with you, the costs you need to consider don’t just include transportation and lodging but a little more than that. But who can disagree that the joy of traveling and exploring with your pet by your side is so so worth it? To make this dream a reality, one needs to be sufficiently aware and adequately prepared for the processes, formalities and expenditures that follow a pet friendly travel.

Here we break down a few expenses to consider so that you are fully equipped for the best time with your baby(ies).


While pets cannot buy their tickets, someone sure has to. Pets cannot travel without a separate booking for them under their parents name. Pet friendly airlines usually charge about $100 to $125 for a one way ticket for pets which means it can add up to $250 for a round trip vacation. And if this is an international trip be prepared to spend up to $400 for a pet travel ticket full circle ($200 one way.) In the case of a large pet that does not fit the airline’s criteria for an in-cabin travel, you will be opting for either a check-in baggage travel for your pet or for a cargo hold transportation. The cost of baggage or cargo hold transportation can range anywhere from $50 to $1000 depending on the size, height and weight of the pet. The airline can provide you with a fair idea of how much it would cost to transport your particular pet.

Accommodation fees

You may find a few pet friendly hotels and bed and breakfasts with heart warming signs with messages like - “pets stay free”, that do not have any extra charge for pets, i.e if you are lucky. But as of today, there aren’t as many of these as we would like. What you will find, though, are hotels, motels, rentals and bed and breakfasts that add a surcharge for your pet’s stay and/or the additional cleaning fees. This is about $25 to $100 a night. The cleaning charges can be avoided if you are extra vigilant and leave no fur, pee or poo behind.

Appropriate travel carrier

Airlines have strict regulations in place for flying with pets. The thing to keep in mind is that every airline has their own measurements and dimensions with respect to the pet carriers. The carriers that go in cabin with the passengers should be compact enough to fit under the seat. And even for large pets who travel in the cargo hold, there are certain weight restrictions which you need to be careful about. A new airline compliant carrier can cost you anywhere around $30 to $250.

Vet consultation

A visit to the vet is unavoidable. You will need to ensure that your pet is healthy enough for the trip you have planned. Not only that, even the airline you travel with will require a signed letter and documents stating the date of the last health check up and vaccination status. This can cost you around $40 to $50. What will be great for the safety of your pet and for your own peace of mind is that you also get a tracking microchip inserted under your pet’s fur. This can cost typically around an additional $40 to $50.

Infestation prevention

What fun would a trip be if you cannot even take your pet outdoors with you. And for your pet to enjoy the pleasures and the mysteries associated with a walk around an unfamiliar place, you need to make sure that your pet is protected from the dangers of a flea, parasite or a tick infestation. The preventive treatment should cost around $30 to $60.

Pet grooming

Grooming your pet just before your trip will ensure that you save on the extra cleaning fees that may be charged because of fur being stuck on sheets, sofas, carpets et al. Also, keeping a pet brush handy with you can further prevent this from happening. Pet grooming can cost more or less around $80.

Food and treats

It is best to carry your pet’s preferred food and treats with you because there are chances that you may not find the same brand everywhere and to suddenly change your pet’s food can cause unease for the pets and consequently for you. So to be safe, it is advised to carry a little extra at all times as well. Depending on the brand and the quantity, this can cost you from $15 to $30.

Pet daycare

Hate it all you want, but there are going to be a few places or activities that are part of your vacation which won’t be pet friendly. You will need to check in advance the local pet day cares where your buddy will be taken care of while you spend a little hooman time. Their charges are usually on a per day basis starting from $15 to $40.

Pet protection from sun

Did you know that your pet can get sun burnt too? It’s true! So consult with your vet and do purchase a suitable sunblock for your pet so they too venture on and have fun under the sun. Pet sunblock lotions cost around $10 to $15.

And just like that(with a little planning and preparation) your pet friendly travel will commence and how!