Pet Taxi Services in Portland

Hot Diggity! Dog Walking + Pet Sitting

Imagine yourself boarding a flight to Portland with your pet, dreaming about all the fun you’re going to have there. Now imagine, you and your furbaby spending the first day there having epic outdoor adventures. You’ll return to your hotel with sweet memories of you, your pet and other family members having a great time. You’ll also return to the hotel with a very happy pup with very dusty/muddy paws. The first thing you’ll need to do that night is give him/her a bath. But it is not enough to keep his/her coat thoroughly. You’ll need to take him/her to a groomer the next day but at the same time, you don’t need to change your plans for the day. So, you can simply contact Hot Diggity! Dog Walking + Pet Sitting and they’ll drive your doggo to the groomer’s and back. Actually, they’ll drive your pet to pretty much any place that you need them to- a vet, a playdate, a daycare service, absolutely anywhere. Pet taxi is just one of the many services they provide. Other services include dog walking, pack forest hikes, overnight pet sitting, drop in pet care and many more. This amazing place is located at 1631 NE Broadway St #715.-.

Pet Crew

When you’re traveling with your pet in Portland and are looking for a cab to transport him/her to and from daycare or a grooming parlor, you can utilize the sublime services of Pet Crew. They make the safe commute of pets a possibility. Along with pet taxi services, they also offer pet sitting, pet walking, basic training and grooming services. You can contact them at 3225 SW 87th Avenue #25073.

Critter Car

Critter Car offers pet transportation services in Portland and nearby areas. Serving pets and their pawrents since 2006, this pet taxi company is highly skilled when it comes to keeping a pet safe during transport. Their services are available 24/7. You’ll have to make an appointment in advance in order to make sure that the desired time slot is available. Whether you need to transport your pet to a vet, a grooming parlor or the airport, you can rest assured that Critter Car will take good care of him/her. They are located at 8105 SE 21st Ave.

Disclaimer: Due to Covid-19 related restrictions, the services and business hours of some of the places mentioned above may be different than usual.