Pet Taxi Services in Las Vegas

Doggie Doggie Taxi

Doggie Doggie Taxi is owned and operated by someone who understands the importance of pets in a person’s life. That is why, the people who handle the pets while transporting them to various places do everything they can to keep the pets under their care safe and happy. Their vehicles are equipped with a ramp in case any pet needs it. Fresh drinking water is available at all times. They’ll also provide your pets with treats if you permit them to. Not only do they offer one way and round trip pet taxi services, they would also wait for your pet during their appointment (with the vet or groomer’s etc.). So, it is no wonder that Doggie Doggie Taxi is thought to be one of the best pet taxi services in Las Vegas.

Homestead Pets

Homestead Pets has been providing pet taxi services to the pets and pawrents of Las Vegas for many years now. While getting transported by them, dogs are put in a harness on the seat, while cats and other small animals are kept in a crate so that they would stay safe throughout the car ride. The staff at Homestead Pets are well trained at what they do and are able to keep the pets getting transported safe and happy. You can arrange for a pet to get picked up and dropped off. You can also arrange for their staff to stay with your pet till his/her appointment gets over and s/he is ready to leave. While traveling with a pet in Las Vegas, if your pet needs to visit a pet salon, a vet or a pet daycare and you are not able to find the time to take them yourself, then you can use the services of Homestead Pets. Along with pet taxis, they also offer pet sitting and dog walking services.

Starwood Animal Transport Services

Founded in 1984, Starwood Animal Transport Services has been providing pet transportation services for more than 35 years. They are functional in not just Las Vegas but in various other cities of multiple nations. When you need a pet taxi for your furbaby, Starwood Animal Transport Services is a great option for you and your little darling. You can use their local pet taxi service to transport your pet to any place that you want to; be it a pet daycare center, a vet clinic, a pet salon, or to and from the airport. Other than local taxis, they also transport pets to other cities- domestically and internationally.

Purrfurred Pet Care Service

Purrfurred Pet Care Service offers a wide range of services one of which happens to be pet taxi. There is no size limit on the pets being transported. So, even if you need them to transport a big doggo or kitty, they can do it for you. They also provide a ramp if your pet needs extra assistance while getting into or out of their vehicle. When you take a flight to Las Vegas with a pet and need the services of a pet taxi, then you can consider contacting Purrfurred Pet Care Service. Along with pet taxis, they also offer pet sitting and dog walking services.

Disclaimer: Due to Covid-19 related restrictions, the services and business hours of some of the places mentioned above may be different than usual.