Pet Taxi Services in Chicago

Chicago Pet Transport / Pet Taxi

Chicago Pet Transport / Pet Taxi understands just how precious your furbaby is to you. That is why they take your doggo’s utmost care while they transport them to and from any place they might need to go. While traveling with a pet in Chicago, if you need him/her to visit the groomer’s or vet’s place and are not able to transport them yourself due to time restrictions, you can take the help of Chicago Pet Transport / Pet Taxi. Along with trained and caring staff, they also have climate controlled vehicles, which means that your pupper will be quite comfy during transport. Chicago Pet Transport / Pet Taxi is located at 812 W Van Buren St.

Love Fur Dogs Pet Taxi

Love Fur Dogs is a pet care center that serves furbabies and pet pawrents living in the Chicago Metropolitan Area. Along with other pet care related services (doggie daycare, dog & cat grooming, house calls for pet grooming, pet spa and pet supplies), they also offer pet taxi services which help in transporting your pet from point A to point B when you are unable to do it yourself. Their pet taxi services are available from Monday to Friday. If you want to use their transportation services, then you would need to call them in advance. They are located in Glencoe which is just half an hour’s drive away from the city of Chicago.

Paws and Claws

When you hop on a flight to Chicago with your doggo and plan about all the wonderful places you want to explore and things you want to do in the city, you don’t exactly allot a time slot for the vet’s or the groomers. But your furbaby might need to make a visit to either of the places while on a trip to Chicago. What do you do if you can’t manage it with your schedule and keep postponing your pet’s visit to the vet or the groomer’s? What do you do if your pet needs to be there asap? You utilize the services of Paws and Claws. It is a premium pet care facility that offers a whole range of services including pet taxi. They are located at 5015 N Western Ave.

Millennium Dog Walkers & Pet Care

Millennium Dog Walkers & Pet Care is a pet care facility staffed with skilled individuals who are excellent in their craft. Be it dog walking, overnight pet sitting (for both dogs and cats) or senior pet care- they are very professional and thorough when it comes to taking care of your beloved canine or feline kid. Their services also include a pet taxi service which can be used to transport your doggie or your kittie to and from any place you want them to. They are located at 400 North McClurg Court.-.

Disclaimer: Due to Covid-19 related restrictions, the services and business hours of some of the places mentioned above may be different than usual.