Pet Friendly Cafes in Tampa

Ginger Beard Coffee

If you love embarking on little coffee-tasting adventures where you get to taste everything that the world of baristas has to offer, then head straight to Ginger Beard Coffee! They believe in keeping things exciting and hence, provide new and interesting types of coffees; Nitro Cold-Brew being one of those coffees. If you haven’t tasted it yet, it is time that you do. Believe us when we say that you won’t be disappointed. However, if you like sticking to what you are already familiar with, don’t fret. They serve all the tried and tested classics as well. Along with providing great coffee and a superb ambience, Ginger Beard Coffee also happens to be a dog friendly coffee shop. So, you don’t need to leave your fur baby behind at home or the hotel while visiting this café.

Spaddy's Coffee

Established in 2015, currently Spaddy's Coffee has two different locations in the city of Tampa. One location has a courtyard set up, while the other is located in an actual brick and mortar building. No matter which outlet you choose to visit, you are bound to love the coffee they serve. Though they specialize in coffee, the café also offers teas, Cuban breads, cookies and other light bites. If you have a pet and are looking for a place that lets guests dine with dogs, then Spaddy's Coffee is a place that you can consider. This amazing coffee shop welcomes dogs who love to accompany their pawrents for a day out in town.

Buddy Brew (Hyde Park Village)

Buddy Brew is a specialty coffee roaster that strives to churn out some of the best coffees in the city. In their quest to create uber-delicious coffees, they make sure that the beans they procure for making the coffees are some of the finest ones available out there. So, you can rest assured that the coffee you get to have at this café would be the best of the lot. If you are one of those pawrents who love to take your furkid everywhere you go, then Buddy Brew Coffee is the place for you. It has a dog friendly patio where you and your little darling can sit and spend some quality time together.

Caffeine Roasters

Founded in 2016, Caffeine Roasters serves specialty coffee with a European twist. Located at downtown Tampa, the café boasts numerous delectable coffees and many yummy items on their lunch menu. Other than the coffee and the food, the warm and cozy ambience of this coffee shop is also something that makes people go back for more. In addition to everything else, Caffeine Roasters is also a dog friendly café. In fact, well behaved and leashed puppers are even allowed to accompany their pawrents indoors. So, if your pooch hates getting left behind at home or hotel while you go out to have fun, then this eatery is just the place for you.

Disclaimer: Due to Covid-19 related restrictions, the services and business hours of some of the places mentioned above may be different than usual.