Pet Friendly Cafes in Orlando

White Wolf Café

A café, restaurant and bar- all rolled into one; that’s what White Wolf Café is. Along with great coffee and other beverages, they offer some mouthwatering American fare that is bound to impress you. The place serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. So, you can visit the café anytime you want and still get to eat a hearty meal. While dining at this establishment, treat your taste buds to the yummiest foods on their menu; which includes pizzas, lasagnas, cheesecakes and pies. If you have a pet and love taking your fur baby with you everywhere you go, then White Wolf Café is just the place for you. It has an aesthetically pleasing dog friendly patio where you and your pupper can sit down together for a meal.

Deeply Coffee

A spacious coffee shop with plenty of natural light- Deeply Coffee’s ambience is one of the main reasons that coffee lovers keep going back for more. The other reason, of course, is all the delicious coffee they offer. If you usually like to have some munchies with your coffee, then you’ll find a wide range of delectable food for you to choose from. Muffins, cookies, sandwiches or waffles - take your pick. But that’s not all. This awesome café welcomes furry guests along with human ones. Being a pet friendly café, Deeply Coffee is a place that you and your furkid can visit together.

Dixie Belle's Café

Dixie Belle's Café is a family owned and operated café and restaurant that is known for being family friendly and pet friendly. They thrive to serve their customers the very best of everything – the food, the ambience and the service. Their menu features dishes from southern cuisine, perfect for diners looking for a scrumptious meal to curb their hunger. Dixie Belle's Café welcomes dogs on their front porch. They even have a water bowl for their canine visitors. You and your little darling would feel really welcome at this place. However, while dining with dogs at this café, there are a few things that you would need to take care of. You would need to make sure that your furkid stays by your side at all times and doesn’t stray away from you. Eating from their tables or dishes is not permitted by the café. Also, you are not to let your dog socialize with other guests at the café unless they approach first.

San Julián’s Coffee

Craving for some aromatic Colombian Coffee? Head to San Julián’s Coffee! The beans of the coffee offered by them are cultivated in the hills of San Julián (Colombia), hence, their name. Established in 2016, the café boasts of serving some of the best coffees in town. Along with coffee, they also serve teas and lemonades. Their menu also consists of some delicious food such as eggs, bacon, sandwiches, bagels, croissants and arepa. San Julián’s Coffee also happens to be a dog friendly coffee shop. So, if your pupper hates staying alone at home or the hotel while you go out, then this café is a place that you and your doggie can visit together.

Disclaimer: Due to Covid-19 related restrictions, the services and business hours of some of the places mentioned above may be different than usual.