Pet Friendly Cafes in New York City

Sweetleaf Coffee

Coffee lovers can understand the sense of satisfaction you get when you taste that perfect cup of coffee. The one that fills your heart with warm and fuzzy feelings. If you’re trying to find that hard-to-come-by perfect cup of hot steaming coffee, head to Sweetleaf Coffee. They use science & technology to create perfect cups of coffee, taking sips of which would make your soul dance. The baristas at this place use “refractometers to measure the coffee’s Total Dissolved Solids and computer software to compile roast metrics”. How awesome is that? What’s even more awesome is the fact that Sweetleaf Coffee is a dog friendly coffee shop. They even offer treats to their furry guests. So, this is a place where you and your pooch can hang out together, soaking in the relaxed vibes and socializing with other like-minded puppers and pawrents.

The Roasting Plant

Located on the lower east side, The Roasting Plant is a place where you can find numerous types of coffee beans. They offer about 11 different types of coffee. So, no matter what sort of coffee you like to have- Caribbean, African or Indonesian- you are bound to find your favorite ones there. The Roasting Plant is a pet friendly café. So, if you have a pet who loves tagging along with you everywhere you go, then this is a spot that you and your furkid can visit together. There are benches and hitches for dog leashes right outside the café where friendly doggos can socialize with other friendly pups; while their pawrents enjoy some coffee.

Café Grumpy

If you love embarking on coffee-tasting adventures, then Café Grumpy is just the place for you. The beans for the coffee they offer are imported from all over the world; including Colombia, Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua. So, you can expect to find some of the most flavorsome coffees at this café. Also, if you have a pet and love having your pet by your side while going on these coffee-tasting adventures, then also, Café Grumpy is the place for you. They have this small outdoor area where a dog can sit and socialize with other pups while the pawrents sip on their favorite coffees.

Boris & Horton Café

Co-owned by Copy Holzman and Logan Mikhly, Boris & Horton Café is a doggie heaven with much to offer. Sure, there’s delicious coffee for the pawrents who bring their little darlings to this dog friendly café. But there’s also a photo booth for the photogenic puppers who love getting their pics clicked. There’s also a doggy gift shop for you to get gifts for your furkid. A visit to this coffee shop is not just another mundane little coffee run. You can turn a simple trip to the coffee shop into a whole day of fun. This amazing place even hosts dog adoption events. So, you can meet all the cute doggies who are available for adoption and maybe, even help them get adopted. All in all, Boris & Horton Café is a great place for pets and their pawrents to visit.

Disclaimer: Due to Covid-19 related restrictions, the services and business hours of some of the places mentioned above may be different than usual.