Pet Friendly Cafes in San Diego

Brickyard Coffee & Tea

If you’re traveling with a pet in San Diego and need a place where you and your pupper can grab a bite while sipping on some hot or cold coffee, then Brickyard Coffee & Tea is a place that you can consider. It is a dog friendly coffee shop with an outdoor seating area, where dogs are welcome to join their pawrents for a cup-of-joe. The coffee served by them is made with locally roasted beans. When it comes to food, they offer pastries, sandwiches, croissants and other breakfast fare. Its ambience is also pretty laid-back. Hence, Brickyard Coffee & Tea makes for the perfect place for you and your pet to have a nice and relaxing time.

Caffe Calabria

The beautiful aroma of coffee wafting through the air is the first thing you notice the moment you walk into Caffe Calabria. After all, it is deemed to be one of the finest coffee roasters on the West Coast. The second thing you notice is the bright and cheery vibes the café exudes. If you want some food with your favorite coffees, the café offers pizzas, pastries, panini, antipasti platter and other mouthwatering Italian fare. In addition to all this, Caffe Calabria is an immensely pet friendly place. It has a dog friendly patio. So, if you hate leaving your furkid behind at home or hotel when you’re looking to head out for a cup of coffee, this awesome coffee shop is an establishment that you can visit together.

Cafe 976Felspar

With a retro-meets-hippie décor, Cafe 976Felspar radiates casual vibes, which is perfect for a nice dining experience with your loved ones. Established in 2016, the café churns out some delicious food like waffles, burritos, sandwiches, fruit smoothies, salads, pastries and bagels. They also offer some of the best coffees in the area. Cafe 976Felspar is located near the beach. Also, it is a dog friendly café. So, the place is great when you are looking for a pet friendly eatery to satiate your hunger after running around at the beach with your dog.

James Coffee Company

Independently owned and operated, James Coffee Company boasts some of the best handcrafted artisan coffee roasts in the city. Being a popular coffee shop, it has multiple locations across San Diego. To support sustainability, they have a jar exchange program wherein guests can get their take-away coffee in a glass-to-go jar and return the rinsed jar the next time they want to have a jar of coffee from this café. James Coffee Company also happens to be a pet friendly café. So, if your fur baby hates getting left behind at home or hotel while you go out and about in town, this is a great place for you and your little darling.

Disclaimer: Due to Covid-19 related restrictions, the services and business hours of some of the places mentioned above may be different than usual.