Dog Trainers in San Diego

Specialty Dog Training

Specialty Dog Training (SDT) is a family-owned business, the sole intention of which was to provide professional dog training in San Diego. With over 45 years of training experience, they’ve been able to help a lot of pet pawrents in creating a strong bond with their pooches. They believe in using positive reinforcement, proper discipline, adequate structure, and clear communication between you and your doggo so as to achieve the desired result, which means a healthy relationship of respect and love between you two. They very well know that each dog is unique and has different traits; be it their age, genetics, past experiences, breed, appearance, environment, and personality. And, this is why they provide customized training programs to fit your pupper’s as well as your lifestyle.

San Diego Pet Training

Their commitment to serve animals to the best of their ability and to help families in living happier lives are the things that set San Diego Pet Training apart from other training sources in town. A pooch is one of the dearest companions a person can ever have. But, it’s often been overlooked what a blessing it is to have a nicely trained furry baby. Professional dog training undoubtedly goes a long way and ensures the well-being of your entire family, including your furry family member. For almost 22 years of experience in pooch training in San Diego, SDPT is considered to be one of the most trusted and reliable trainers by San Diegans. To cater to the needs of every canine client, they offer group training, online courses, private training, and board & train programs.

John's Natural Dog Training Company

Serving the dogs of San Diego and their owners since 1990, it’s no wonder that John’s Natural Dog Training Company is believed to be one of the most sought-after dog trainers and dog behaviorists across the city. The company is owned by John Rubin, who is believed to be the first one to take the natural approach for dog obedience training. His simple but effective programs that focus on modifying dogs’ behavioral issues have helped a great deal in building a loving relationship between a pooch and their hooman. Whether you’re someone who has just welcomed a brand new puppy in your home and is looking to get them trained or someone who has just gotten a rescued dog who requires special support, John’s Training Company is your go-to place to accommodate your pooch’s special needs.

Absolute K9 Training

In its 27 years of existence, Absolute K9 Training has earned the reputation as the topmost and trustworthy canine training center in the entire city of San Diego. When it comes to training your dog, their certified trainers see to it that your furry kid gets nothing but the best. They treat your pooches as their own and give their all for their quality training and well-being. Their qualified trainers are recognized worldwide for their impeccable training methods. They carry extensive experience in providing training to police dogs and competition dogs. This is why the level of their basic training is far ahead of the regular training which most of the household puppies receive. You may not be expecting your doggo to perform complicated rescue tasks, but there’s no harm in getting them trained by industry professionals. Right?

Disclaimer: Due to Covid-19 related restrictions, the services and business hours of some of the places mentioned above may be different than usual.