Dog Trainers in Orlando

South Orlando Dog Training, LLC

If only having a dog was enough! But unfortunately, that’s not the case. Being a parent to a well-trained pet has a lot of advantages which certainly a pet owner cannot do without. And, as Orlando is already home to umpteen dog training centers, it’s a task in itself to choose the best one for training your dog. South Orlando Dog Training takes immense pride in enhancing a pooch pawrent’s life by utilizing positive and force-free training methods. As per the comfort of your furry baby, you can choose from varied options of training, such as weekly private classes wherein they teach you how to give training to your doggo. Or, Doggie Home School in which they train your doggie over a few weeks.

Central Florida K-9

Central Florida K-9 is the brainchild of Rock Galloway, who carries an extensive experience of 35 years as a trainer, handler, evaluator, and K-9 commander. As Rock himself has closely worked with dogs for solving their behavioral problems, aggression, and similar other issues, he very well understands dog psychology. This is why only the cream of dog trainers are employed with Central Florida K-9. Their experience, dedication, professionalism, and above all, passion to serve furry creatures show in the work they have done till date. Although you can find several centers providing dog training in Orlando, CFK9 is a cut above the rest because all of its training programs are personalized. The first step to the programs involves an evaluation, based on which a trainer provides a customized program to suit your pupper’s needs.

Take the Lead K9 Training

Does your recently adopted puppy keep pulling on the leash all the time, or never pay heed to your commands, or keep barking at guests, or chew on things he/she isn’t supposed to, or display separation anxiety or listen to you only when you offer a treat, or act fearful, or show anxiety? Well, take heart, for your puppy isn’t the only one, and you can always train them. Courtesy of their varied training programs, Take the Lead K9 Training has been providing dog obedience training in Orlando for the past several years. It is owned by Victoria Smith, who believes in creating a balanced relationship between a tail-wagging creature and their parent via means of obedience, leadership, socialization, and behavior modification. It’s in an owner’s hands after all to have the furkid they’ve always desired!

The Dog Wizard Orlando

There’s no such thing as magic. There’s only something called the right dog training. At least, this is what the Dog Wizard Orlando believes in. There are a lot of dog training centers out there which claim to have that one solution to fix all behavioral issues in a dog. Different types of methods and training programs used by different training facilities can be overwhelming at times for a pet pawrent to understand. However, you don’t need to lose your sleep over it. Dog Wizard has been providing puppy training in Orlando for years now and they go out of their way to help a pooch and their hooman. Their training style is unique yet simple. The basis of your relationship with your furry baby is built upon the ability of both of you to comprehend each other. With effective communication techniques, they create confident and happy canines.

Disclaimer: Due to Covid-19 related restrictions, the services and business hours of some of the places mentioned above may be different than usual.