Dog Trainers in Portland

Kindred Dog PDX

Kindred Dog PDX is famous throughout the city for its ability to address any type of behavioral issue in dogs, irrespective of their breed or size. It is a go-to training center for nearly every pet pawrent looking to get their furry babies to receive the best dog obedience training in Portland. Whether your furkid is a biter, fearful, anxious, aggressive, or makes it a struggle for you to keep them on a leash, the training programs by Kindred Dog PDX focus on the individual issue faced by a dog owner. Their training is the best thing that can happen to your four-legged friend, for it strives to build a strong and healthy relationship between you two.

Plucky Puppy

When it comes to providing the most effective, humane, and positive training to your darling doggo, you should trust nobody but the best in town. Plucky Puppy is one of the few puppy training institutes which go out of their way to teach your pupper behavior modification as well as socialization with fellow dogs and hoomans. They offer a wide array of services that fit right into your budget and don’t disturb your daily schedule either. From behavior consultations and group classes to private training and in-home training, Plucky Puppy makes sure that their canine clients and their pawrents do not have to worry about anything. Their professional and certified dog trainers use science-based education and dog-friendly training methods to bring out your puppy’s true potential.

Happy-Go-Lucky Dog Training

Having been in existence for the last 22 years, Happy-Go-Lucky Dog Training has been successfully providing dog training in Portland and the surrounding areas. They exist to make a difference in the lives of tail-wagging creatures and their parents. Undoubtedly, they are much sought-after dog trainers. But above all, they’re people trainers who show dog owners how to make the most of their pooch’s life. They firmly believe in adopting positive methods that yield rewarding results in the long run. Their certified and experienced dog trainers conduct as many as 16 different classes per week, including puppy kindergarten, puppy intermediate, beginning obedience, intermediate obedience, canine good citizen, games & tricks, action & distraction, and out on the town.

Cooper's Dog Training & Behavior Modification

Based out of Portland (Oregon), Cooper’s Dog Training and Behavior Modification leaves no stone unturned in helping your furry family member to succeed in their training as well as behavior modification with flying colors. They see to it that each of their clients has a trustworthy and long-lasting relationship with their furry kid. Cooper’s Dog Training follows methods of positive reinforcement to deal with anything from aggression to basic disobedience. The dog trainers of the institute use their education and years of experience to provide the best dog training as per a pooch’s needs. One-on-one private lessons, group classes, online private lessons, day training, and leaps and bounds puppy training programs are different training programs they use to instill positive behavior in canines.

Disclaimer: Due to Covid-19 related restrictions, the services and business hours of some of the places mentioned above may be different than usual.