Pet Daycare Centers in Tucson

Central Pet Tucson

Central Pet Tucson knows that dogs need interaction with other dogs to have a pack like experience that is usually not found in the pupper’s home. That is why they let the dogs under their care run around and play with other dogs all they want. Another reason for them to do this is that it allows your doggo to get plenty of exercise necessary for their good health. Cherry of the top? It makes your furbabies happier. The excellent staff at this daycare center keeps you pet safe and happy during your absence. You can watch your pupper have fun through the live cams installed in their various facilities. If you need a pet daycare center while traveling with a pet in Tucson, this is one of the best options for you. Their daycare facility is located at 1900 W. Grant Rd., while the boarding facility is at 2420 N. Jackrabbit Ave.

Dogma Dog Daycare & Spa

Dogma Dog Daycare & Spa is a premium pet care facility that has been taking care of dogs since 2006. With all the experience they’re gathered, they are able to provide efficient daycare, overnight boarding and spa services. While under their care, your pooch would get to socialize with other dogs. It doesn’t only make them happy but is also necessary for their emotional growth and intelligence. Their staff is Red Cross pet first aid certified. This means that they are equipped to handle any emergency situation that may arise in case any doggo under their care falls sick. If you are one of those parents who tend to worry constantly about their furkid, then you can watch him/her anytime you want to through the webcams installed in their facility. Dogma Dog Daycare & Spa is counted amongst the best pet daycare centers in Tucson. They are located at 2708 N. Country Club Road.

Sit! Stay! Play!

Sit! Stay! Play! offers doggy daycare, dog overnight boarding and dog training services. Their facility has about 6,500 sq. ft. of indoor space and 1000 sq. ft. of outdoor space. Their indoor space is climate controlled. So, your little darling will be comfy when s/he spends time there playing and socializing with other dogs. If you have a tiny pupper who gets intimidated by the bigger doggos, then you need not worry. At Sit! Stay! Play!, the play groups are separated by size with separate playrooms for small dogs and big dogs. They also have a fitness room, sleeping rooms and rubber flooring. The best part is that you can watch your furkid anytime you want through their live cams. This awesome place is located at 2003 E 14th St.

Dawg House - Dog Daycare & Boarding

Dawg House - Dog Daycare & Boarding opened its doors to canines in 2004. With more than 14 years of experience of working with dogs, they acquired a lot of knowledge pertaining to pet care. This is often reflected in their day to day operations. Their staff brings in their own experience and expertise making it incredibly easy for them to care for the furkids under their care. While under supervision, your doggo would learn to socialize with other dogs and in the process, make new friends. The facility has about 2000 sq. ft. of climate controlled space, where your pet would be comfortable no matter the weather outside. The services they offer include dog daycare, boarding and bathing. Dawg House - Dog Daycare & Boarding is located at 2201 N Stone Ave.

Paws Up

Are you one of those people who hates seeing your furkid get locked up in a cage? Then Paws Up is a place that you (and your dog) are going to love. They offer cage free daycare and boarding facilities where your doggo is bound to have a great time, making new friends and playing around with them. The best part is that getting to play with other doggo would keep them happy and content all day. Jewel on the crown is that they would be exhausted by the time you pick them up in the evening and so, they’ll sleep peacefully all through the night. If you have a young pupper at hand, you know how important that can be. Especially if you’re exploring a new city and need a good night’s sleep for another eventful day. Paws up has three large yards, a barn, and four indoor play areas; so, there’s plenty of space for your curious doggo to explore during his/her time there. Do keep in mind that they run by appointment only. So, you would need to make an appointment in advance if you want your doggo to stay there for a day or overnight. They are located at 2200 W Sunset Rd.

Dogtopia of Tanque Verde

When it comes to pet daycare centers in Tucson, Dogtopia of Tanque Verde is one of the most popular ones. Their Canine Coaches are trained in canine behavior and communication. They can read dogs’ body language and understand what they’re feeling. This comes in handy while watching multiple dogs at the same time, especially when they’re playing together and a new doggo is being introduced to the pack. Their awesome Canine Coaches are there to make your furbaby feel safe in a new environment. If you’re one of those pawrents who gets stressed about leaving their furkid at a daycare, you can put your mind at ease; Dogtopia of Tanque Verde gives you access to their webcam through which you can watch your pup anytime you want to. The services they offer include doggie daycare, overnight boarding and spa. If you’re planning to take a flight to Tucson with your pet and need a daycare facility for a day to two, you can use the excellent services of Dogtopia of Tanque Verde. They are located at 7285 E Tanque Verde Rd.-.

Disclaimer: Due to Covid-19 related restrictions, the services and business hours of some of the places mentioned above may be different than usual.