Pet Daycare Centers in Boston

The Urban Hound Hotel & Daycare

Leaving your furbaby with a stranger is not an easy thing to do, even if it is for a few hours in a day or for a night. However, it becomes somewhat easy if you choose the right people to take care of your pooch. The Urban Hound Hotel & Daycare have been around for about 15 years. The knowledge acquired by the owner over such a long period of time comes in handy when they train new staff members. Many of them already have years of experience in the pet care sector. Hence, they come with their own set of pet care skills. The services they offer include doggie daycare, overnight boarding, dog walking, dog training, dog grooming, veterinary care and even pet sitting in your hotel room. Their daycare facility has two indoor play areas and 1,000 square feet of outdoor play area. The pawsome daycare center is located at 129 Malden St.

Boston Paws

Not all attractions in Boston allow pets. So, while traveling with a pet in Boston, you may need daycare services for your beloved doggo for a day or two. When you do, you can consider utilizing the services of Boston Paws. They’re a premium pet care facility that have served countless pets and their pawrents efficiently for years. They are really good at what they do; not only because they are experienced but also because their staff receives professional training pertaining to the latest techniques and methods pertaining to pet care. Hence, you can rest assured that your pupper would be safe and happy while spending a day or two with them. The services offered by them encompass everything related to pet care- daycare, overnight boarding, dog walking, pet taxi, spa, veterinary and home visits for feeding cats. This pet care facility is located at 313 Belgrade Ave.

Harbor Hounds

For most people with pets, they are an important member of the family. And hence, they want nothing but the best for their canine or feline family member. Harbor Hounds is counted amongst the best pet daycare centers in Boston. This daycare center has an ambience where your furkid can spend the day running around with his/her new canine friends and napping. S/he can even learn a few basic commands while interacting with their caring staff. Along with daycare, they also offer grooming services. Harbor Hound is located at 256 Marginal St.

Boston Dog Company

Boston Dog Company is a leading pet care center that’s really good at what they do. Most of their staff have worked with pets for a long time and hence, can understand each doggo’s body language to figure out what s/he may be feeling at a particular moment. This deep understanding of pets and their behaviour enables them to take better care of the dogs under their supervision. The best part about this pet care company is that they do not accept any dog that is not social or is not friendly with other dogs and humans. This means that your little darling would be safe around other dogs while having the time of his/her life. They offer a truly wide range of pet care services such as doggy daycare, overnight boarding, pet sitting, dog grooming, dog training, dog walking, pet taxi, kennel free facility and pet supplies. Boston Dog Company has branches of their pet care center at five different locations across the city.

Tails Boston

Tails Boston was founded by owners who took their love for furbabies and combined it with their pet care experience and expertise to establish a place where pets would be safe and happy during their pawrent’s absence. Since they first opened their doors and their hearts, they have taken care of countless pets each year. They offer dog daycare, dog overnight boarding, cat sitting, pet taxi and dog walking services. When you take a flight to Boston with your pet and need to use a daycare facility for a day or two, you can consider choosing Tails Boston. This amazing pet care center is located at 385 centre street, Jamaica Plain.

Boston Dog Butlers

Boston Dog Butlers consist of pet care takers that have taken care of pets pretty much all their lives. Many of them have acquired extensive knowledge when it comes to different aspects of taking care of pets. The services offered by them include pet sitting, dog walking, dog training, park play and dog boarding. The best part of this awesome pet care company is that for overnight boarding your dog gets to stay at a dog walker’s home and not in some boarding facility. They are located at 100 Main Street Suite 5. Charlestown. -.

Disclaimer: Due to Covid-19 related restrictions, the services and business hours of some of the places mentioned above may be different than usual.