Pet Groomers in New Orleans

Canine Culture

While traveling with a pet in New Orleans, if your pet needs to be groomed, you can consider taking him/her to Canine Culture. This pet care facility has been providing top quality pet grooming services to the pets of New Orleans since 2006. The experienced groomers at Canine Culture makes sure that your pet feels safe while getting groomed. The pet grooming services offered by them are Bathing, Ear Cleaning, Blow Drying, Nail Trimming, Teeth Brushing, De-matting, Deshedding, Fur Trimming (face, paw pads and sanitary area), Anal Gland Expression, Blueberry Facial and Hair Cuts. Along with dog grooming, they also have doggie daycare and overnight boarding facilities. This amazing place is located at 4920 Tchoupitoulas St, New Orleans, LA 70115.

Dirty Dog Salon

Dirty Dog Salon has been in business for more than 25 years. It is deemed to be the oldest pet grooming salon in the uptown area. Its owner has an experience of more than 24 years and has groomed dogs of pretty much every breed. The staff at this place gets trained well enough to groom all the different kinds of doggos that walk through their doors. The dog grooming services they offer include Bathing, Nail Trimming, Ear Cleaning, Fur Trimming and Hair Cuts. They are located at 914 Joliet St, New Orleans, LA 70118.

Zeus’ Place Downtown

Zeus’ Place is a premium pet care facility that provides dog grooming along with doggie daycare and overnight boarding services. While on a trip to New Orleans, if your furkid needs a bath, this is a great place for your little darling as it is counted amongst the best pet groomers in New Orleans. The dog grooming services they offer encompass Bathing, Ear Cleaning, Fur Trimming, Nail Trimming, Teeth Brushing and Hair Cuts. Zeus’ Place is located at 715 O'Keefe Ave, New Orleans, LA 70113.

Bel Air Pet Care

The staff at Bel Air Pet Care are hardworking and compassionate people who like to keep themselves updated on the latest developments in the field of pet grooming. They use their knowledge and skills to groom the pets walking into their salon, in the best possible way. They are so good with pets that even the nervous furbabies feel safe and secure under their care. The owner of the salon has more than two decades of experience in pet grooming and specializes in elderly and special needs pets’ grooming. The grooming services offered by them are Bathing, Nail Trimming, Teeth Brushing, Ear Cleaning, Fur Trimming and Hair Cuts. Bel Air Pet Care is located at Lower right side, 2905 St Claude Ave, New Orleans, LA 70117.

Jazzy Pets Spa & Grooming LLC

When you board a flight to New Orleans with a pet and want to pamper him/her while in the city (and make them look good at the same time), you can take your furkid to Jazzy Pets Spa & Grooming LLC. They would wash and groom your pet with excellence and help him/her step out in style. The owner and operator of this pet spa has 18 years of experience and hence, is familiar with grooming dogs of all breeds. The services they offer include Bathing, Nail Trimming, Tick & Flea Treatments, Fur Coloring, Ear Cleaning, Teeth Brushing, Fur Trimming and Hair Cuts. Jazzy Pets Spa & Grooming LLC is located at 10,800 Morrison Rd #102, New Orleans, LA 70127.

Disclaimer: Due to Covid-19 related restrictions, the services and business hours of some of the places mentioned above may be different than usual.