Pet Friendly Wineries in New York

Robibero Winery, New Paltz

Robibero Winery is a family owned and operated winery. Passionate about making great wine, its current owners had always dreamed of having their own winery. So, when the previous owners gave notice, they jumped at the opportunity and took over the place. With their knowledge, skills and imagination, they created the beautiful winery that visitors get to see these days. The handcrafted flavorsone wines produced by them are limited in number and are sold solely in their tasting room and online. Along with the wines, the beautiful location and the hospitality of the establishment, the best thing about this winery is that it is a dog friendly winery. Well behaved leashed pets are welcome in the outdoor and indoor areas of the winery. However, they reserve the right to prohibit dogs from entering the tasting room, especially when the room is crowded.

Palmer Vineyards, Riverhead

Palmer Vineyards was founded in 1983 by Robert Palmer. Over the years, the winery has raised its standards when it comes to the wines being produced in their establishment. Today, it is counted amongst the most visible and well-reputed Long Island estate wineries. Palmer Vineyards is a pet friendly winery. So, even when you’re traveling with a pet, you can consider visiting this wonderful place. When the weather is good, you and your furbaby can sit outside at one of the picnic tables, enjoying the wines, food and the serene surroundings.

Americana Vineyards, Interlaken

Situated at a gorgeous tranquil location, Americana Vineyards is the perfect place to spend some quality time with your friends and family. This is where you get to drink delicious wines, eat yummy food, and kick back & relax for a while. The rustic design of the interiors and exteriors of the tasting room is something that enhances the whole experience. The winery hosts festivals and music concerts from time to time. They also offer live music every Sunday afternoon to end the weekend on a high note. (Pun intended). Americana Vineyards is deemed to be one of the best dog friendly wineries in the area. They have their own resident dogs (Maverick and Lilly) who work as full time greeters, welcoming humans and canines into their establishment. Your furbaby can join you in the tasting room and the covered patio outside. However, dogs would have to be on a leash at all times. Plus, unruly and aggressive dogs may have to be removed from the indoor and outdoors areas.

Duck Walk Vineyards North, Southold

Duck Walk Vineyards was founded by Dr. Herodotus “Dan” Damianos and his son, Alexander. It covers an area of about 140 acres, offering breathtaking views. However, the real pride and joy of the winery are its top of the line wines that are loved by countless people. One of the most well known wineries in Long Island, Duck Walk Vineyards North produces around 5,000 cases of wine each year. The winery has won many awards for the wines churned out by them. If you want to take your furkid along with you when you visit this place, then you would be delighted to know that it is one of those wineries that allow dogs on their premises. Dogs are even allowed entry into the tasting room. However, pets must be leashed at all times.

Disclaimer: Due to Covid-19 related restrictions, the services and business hours of some of the places mentioned above may be different than usual.