Pet Clinics in San Francisco

Blue Cross Pet Hospital

Having more than a decade of experience in pet care, the incredibly qualified vets and highly skilled technicians at the Blue Cross Pet Hospital are perfectly capable of taking care of pretty much anything that your pet might be going through. So, if you need to visit the vet while traveling with a pet in San Francisco, then this is one of the best options for you. Some of the services they offer include Vaccinations, Spay/Neuter, General Surgery, Diagnostic Testing, Fecal Testing, Blood Screening, Digital Radiology, Microchip Implanting, Heartworm Testing, Dental Cleaning under general anesthesia, Heartworm Testing, Flea and heartworm prevention, Health certificates for domestic and international travel, and Outpatient nail trims and anal gland expressions. Blue Cross Pet Hospital is located at 1386 Golden Gate Ave.

Banfield Pet Hospital

San Francisco is an amazing city with tons of things to do for you and your pet. However, anyone who’s ever traveled with a pet knows that traveling with a furkid is just like traveling with a human kid; any emergency can arise at any time. When you’re planning to explore the city with your furbaby and want to be prepared for anything, it is advisable for you to make a list of the best pet clinics in San Francisco. And when you’re making a list of the best pet clinics in the city, then Banfield Pet Hospital deserves a mention. They offer various pet healthcare services pertaining to Preventive Care, Emergency Care, General Surgery and Treatment Services. This pet hospital is located at 2024 Lombard St.

San Francisco Pet Hospital

San Francisco Pet Hospital, established in 1905, is deemed to be the oldest veterinary hospital in Northern California. More “recently”, in 1979, the hospital came under the possession of Dr. Lee Morris, who renovated the place for 2 years and re-opening it in 1981. Later on in 2019, after his retirement, he sold the hospital to his trusted and very capable Associate Veterinarian of 16 years, Dr. Bobby Leyba. Since then, the staff at this pet hospital has been striving to provide the best possible care to their furry patients. The services they offer encompass Vaccinations, Preventative Care, Diagnostic Services, Dental Care and Surgery. This premium vet hospital is located at 1371 Fulton St.

Animal Farm Pet Hospital

Animal Farm Pet Hospital is a full-service animal hospital that offers excellent healthcare for your pets. Their staff makes sure that your pet feels safe and secure while going through a check up and other routine procedures at their hospital. Their friendly and caring demeanor plays a major role in making your pets feel comfortable in a new setting, around new people and pets. The services they offer include Low-cost Vaccinations, Wellness Exams, Emergency Care, Dentistry, Digital X-rays, Spay and Neuter, Orthopedics and Microchipping. This pet hospital is located at 5601 Mission St

Urban Pet Hospital

Urban Pet Hospital provides great healthcare to pets. Their experienced staff knows all the ways in which they can put your pet at ease, even while being examined by a stranger in a new environment. All the people in their team and staff (veterinarians, technicians etc.) have grown up taking care of animals- be it pets or strays they’ve found on the road. It was natural for them to study and become professionals in the pet healthcare sector. In other words, you can rest assured that your doggo or kitty would be in safe and compassionate hands while getting treated or a check up done at Urban Pet Hospital. They are located at 2308 Lombard Street.

Mission Pet Hospital

When you board a flight to San Francisco with a pet and need to visit the vet while in the city, you can consider taking him/her to Mission Pet Hospital. All the vets and techs at this pet hospital are highly qualified in identifying and finding a solution for any health issue that your canine or feline kid may be facing. The pet healthcare services they offer include Preventative Care, Critical and Emergency Care, Oncology, Dentistry, Abdominal and Cardiac Ultrasound, Advanced Pain Management and Advanced Medicine and Surgery. They also offer 24 Hour Medical Care service. They are located at 720 Valencia St.

Disclaimer: Due to Covid-19 related restrictions, the services and business hours of some of the places mentioned above may be different than usual.

Disclaimer: Due to Covid-19 related restrictions, the services and business hours of some of the places mentioned above may be different than usual.