Pet Clinics in Portland

City Pets Vet

City Pets Vet is a premium pet clinic that has been serving pets and their pawrents successfully for years now. They cater to both dogs and cats. They keep themselves updated about the latest advances in veterinary technology so that they are able to provide the best possible care to their furry patients. If you’re traveling with a pet in Portland and need to visit a vet, then City Pets Vet is a great option for you and your pupper. They are located at 3521 SE Division Street.

Peninsula Dog and Cat Clinic

The pet loving team at this pet clinic makes your pet feel comfortable even in a new place. As a pet pawrent, you know how important it is for your furbabies to feel comfortable when they are about to get examined by strangers. Most of the veterinarians and veterinary technicians at Peninsula Dog and Cat Clinic have more than 2 decades of experience in pet care. So, you can rest assured that your furbaby would be in good hands. They are located at 8260 N Interstate Ave.

Bethany Family Pet Clinic

Bethany Family Pet Clinic is a place that is dedicated towards improving the health conditions of pets and helps them live longer and healthier lives. They understand the value a pet holds in a person’s life. Hence, they strive to provide sublime healthcare services to every furkid that walks through their doors. In order to do so, they make sure that they are very thorough in patient examinations, evaluation, and recommendations. Bethany Family Pet Clinic is counted amongst the best pet clinics in Portland. They are located at 15166 NW Central Dr.

Hayden Meadows Pet Clinic

The highly skilled and qualified staff at Hayden Meadows Pet Clinic uses their knowledge and experience to tend to every little creature that visits them. Compassion, commitment and good communication are the principles they stand by while serving their furry patients. The pets they serve include dogs and cats. Along with the regular pet care services (vaccines, health check ups, spaying etc.), they also offer Emergency & Urgent Care (chocolate ingestion, rat poison, hit by car, etc). They are located at 1210 North Hayden Meadows Dr.

Pet Samaritan Clinic

If you have a pupper or a kitty that gets stressed or suffers from extreme anxiety while visiting a veterinarian, then Pet Samaritan Clinic is the place for your darling pet. Along with providing excellent health care to pets, this pet clinic has certain methods and practices in place that ensure your pet remains stress free while visiting them. They have a Cat Zone which is a waiting area especially dedicated to cats in case one of the cats visiting them is scared of dogs. They also offer treats and play music just for cats, that helps them feel less anxious. For dogs, they have a peanut butter or cheese board to keep the pooches distracted and happy while they are being examined or groomed. When you board a flight to Portland with a pet and need to visit a pet clinic while there, you can consider taking your precious canine or feline family member to Pet Samaritan Clinic. This amazing pet clinic is located at 480 E Burnside St.

Disclaimer:< Due to Covid-19 related restrictions, the services and business hours of some of the places mentioned above may be different than usual.

Disclaimer: Due to Covid-19 related restrictions, the services and business hours of some of the places mentioned above may be different than usual.