Pet Photographers in San Francisco

Fog Dog Studios

Having a furry friend by your side through thick and thin as well as in all your good times is a blessing. That feeling you get when you return to your overly excited furball after a long day is indeed beyond words. From their head tilts to their hanging tongue and wagging tail; it makes complete sense that, as a devoted pet pawrent, you want to capture all those cutesy moments in a camera as a keepsake. But, let’s face it. It’s not such an easy task. No worries, for you can always seek help. Fog Dog Studios is one of the best pet photographers in San Francisco. Their tremendous work with furry creatures speak volumes about how passionately they serve four-legged beings.

Soulful Pet Photography

With Soulful Pet Photography, what starts from a pre-consultation session ends up in a beautiful artwork of your furkid. They do not just right away jump to take pet photos but rather take their own sweet time to ensure that they deliver exactly what is expected of them. Professional, patient, pretty experienced and above all, true pet lovers – all of these qualities set them apart from other photographers in town. When it comes to showcasing their photography skills via artwork, it’s not just limited to one medium. Based on the pet pawrents’ requirements, it can be in the form of matted prints, mounted photos, mounted collage, acrylic collage, framed photographs, or digital files. What’s more, they also offer black matte folio box in which the best images from your fur baby’s photo shoot can sit safely.

Hilarious Hound Pet Photography

Hilarious Hound Pet Photography, because four-legged creatures do not know how to take selfies! That’s right! Get in touch with them soon if you want to capture your furry friend at their best. Based out of San Francisco, you can totally rely on them for pawsome and professional pet photography. Michelle’s heartfelt passion for photography and undying love for furry folks gave birth to Hilarious Hound. Pets and their pawrents are not just clients for her. Rather, they become family. And, she takes immense pride in providing her family members a one of its kind experience. She starts with getting to know your pooch along with you and finishes it with memorable art which is bound to stay with you forever.

Tonya Perme Photography

Photography session specially customized as per your needs as a pet owner is what you get when you go for Tonya Perme Photography. Based out of Oakland, Tonya loves to do cat and dog photography. She leaves no stone unturned to capture the joy, spirit and beauty of your canine or feline kid with custom photo sessions. Rest assured, you and your tail-wagging friend are certainly in for a laid-back and fun-filled experience. When it comes to getting a pooch or a kitten to make friends with the camera shutter, you’ve got to admit that it’s not a cakewalk. But, you can count on Tonya, for she has got all the tricks up her sleeve to create few magic moments and a lot more magical pet photos.

Disclaimer: Due to Covid-19 related restrictions, the services and business hours of some of the places mentioned above may be different than usual.