Pet Photographers in Orlando

Luma Photography

Luma Photography is the brainchild of Aaron Faircloth. His penchant for light-focused and creative photography in tandem gave birth to one of the most sought-after pet photographers in Orlando. For him, light signifies fulfillment, happiness, positivity and rejuvenation; which is why most of his photo sessions take place in natural settings, especially in a gorgeous backdrop where the sun is either rising or setting. And, throw in pet photography into the picture, the outcome is bound to be nothing short of a masterpiece. You’ve got to book a session with him to know that it’s indeed true. Capturing innocent expressions of furry creatures in his camera has always been his profound love, for he prefers to narrate stories not via words but through his out-of-this-world photography.

Angie Kerins Photography

Everyone has stories to tell, especially when you’re a dog owner. It could be about that fateful day you paid a visit to that animal shelter where you found your favorite companion. Or, it could be how you bumped into a pooch on the street one fine day and their pleading eyes compelled you to look after them forever. No matter how the journey of you two began, we bet it would have been no less than an adventure. Obviously, you would have tried taking your pet’s photos amid all the adventures many times but a very few of them turned out as you expected. Worry not! With Angie Kerins Photography, you can rest assured that a lot of picture-perfect snaps of your furball are just a few clicks away.

A Style Photography

When it comes to professional pet photography, A Style Photography has been doing it for the past 23 (approx.) years. Based out of Orlando, they are not just any random photographer. Rather, they love to display their creative bent through their photography sessions by dressing up furry creatures in the most adorable costumes and then clicking their pictures using amusing props. As a pet pawrent, you’re also welcome to join your furry baby in their photo shoot. On the basis of your requirements, their locations for a photo shoot can vary – from your own place or a local park to their swanky studio or any other spot of your choice. They even create customized artistic portraits of your furry kids, which you’d happily keep as memories to be cherished forever.

Hot Dog! Pet Photography

It’s essential to take special care of all the good memories you have, for you certainly won’t be able to live through the same ones again. Well, Hot Dog! Pet Photography can help you with that. They believe that nothing under the sun is more valuable than good-old memories. Being absolutely aware of the fact that your tail-wagging friends hold a special place in your hearts, they take immense joy in capturing the precious moments shared by you and your furkid, so that they can be treasured till eternity. They specialize in cat as well as dog photography. They treat your furry babies as their own family members and leave no stone unturned to make sure that they’re stress-free and comfortable during the entire photo shoot.

Disclaimer: Due to Covid-19 related restrictions, the services and business hours of some of the places mentioned above may be different than usual.