Pet Friendly Tours in Arizona

Jeep Tours, Sedona

Coconino National Forest is huge. Even though some people want to explore it by hiking through the beautiful rugged landscape, it is so much easier to explore the vast forest when you’re exploring it via vehicle. You can opt for a jeep tour that takes you through this serene piece of nature to all the popular vantage points from where you can view breathtaking sights. You get to witness the magnificence of Mogollon Rim, Dry Creek Basin and Diamondback Gulch. These tours usually last from an hour to a little over three hours. The duration of the time would depend on the tour package you choose and the points of interest that are included in that particular package. Many jeep tour companies allow pets on their vehicles. Which means that you can take your furbaby along for the fun ride. So, if you love going on dog friendly weekend getaways, then you can add this jeep tour to your bucket list for a weekend trip to Sedona.

Brewery Tours, Phoenix

Beer is available in pretty much every city and every village of almost every country in the world. So, why should you spend your time checking out the beer available in Phoenix? Because, in most cities, there are local breweries that create their own delicious beers with a unique taste. Yes, beers are always going to be bitter. But there are also certain subtle flavors that distinguish one kind of beer from another. Why not taste the ones that the talented local breweries of Phoenix have created? After all, getting acquainted with the cuisine of a place is an important part of exploring it. Most of these breweries are dog friendly breweries. So, your furkid can enjoy the food while you enjoy the flavorsome beers.

Scavenger Hunt Tours, Scottsdale

There are two ways of exploring a new city, you can either go straight to all the popular attractions like you usually do or you can take part in a scavenger hunt and make it more interesting. These scavenger hunts are not your regular run of the mill scavenger hunts where you need to find certain items. Rather, in these scavenger hunts, you get to discover all the significant landmarks and other attractions that the city of Scottsdale has to offer. While having all this fun, you don’t need to leave your pet behind at the hotel. Most tour companies allow pets to accompany their pawrents on the scavenger hunt tours. So, your pet can spend a few hours playing detective and visiting the popular spots of the city. In recent years, scavenger hunts have become an important part of pet friendly travel.

Old Bisbee Ghost Tour, Bisbee

Do ghosts, ghouls and urban legends fascinate you? Do you love binge watching everything that has something to do with the supernatural? Then the Old Bisbee Ghost Tour is a tour that you must embark on. Leashed and well behaved pets are welcome to join their pawrents at this tour. So, while traveling with a pet in Bisbee, you don’t need to leave your little darling at the hotel. You and your pupper can listen to spooky tales of the interesting lives — and deaths — of the residents of Old Bisbee.

Disclaimer: Due to Covid-19 related restrictions, the services and business hours of some of the places mentioned above may be different than usual.