Pet Friendly Restaurants in Chicago

Frasca Pizzeria + Wine Bar

Frasca Pizzeria + Wine Bar offers scrumptious Italian fare with dishes like pizzas and pastas. They also offer charcuterie boards with options to include your own choice of cheese, meats and bruschetta, or even a combination of all three of these delicious foods. The restaurant + wine bar also has a wide range of wines, beer and cocktails for guests to choose from. If you’re traveling with a pet in Chicago and need a place for you and your little darling to dine together, then Frasca Pizzeria + Wine Bar is a name that you can consider. It is a dog friendly restaurant. Pooches are allowed to accompany their pawrents in the restaurant’s outdoor seating area. So, you and your furbaby can visit this restaurant and have a great time simply eating and relaxing outdoors.

Smoke Daddy

If you love barbequed dishes and also love hanging out with your furkid, then head to Smoke Daddy. This popular eatery churns out some of the yummiest pulled pork, beef brisket, baby back ribs and wood roasted rotisserie chicken in the city. They are also a pet friendly restaurant. They welcome pets on their seasonal outdoor patio. So, your pupper can join you for a meal when you visit Smoke Daddy. If barbeques don’t really tempt you that much, the restaurant also has some delectable mac & cheese, sandwiches and nachos on offer. You can pair up your food with some craft beers or cocktails for a satisfying dining experience.

Parson’s Chicken & Fish

Numerous huge picnic tables with giant umbrellas, that’s what the patio at Parson’s Chicken & Fish is like. One of the very first things you notice when you walk into their patio are all the dogs sitting beside their pawrents at the tables. So, if you’re traveling with a pet in Chicago, Parson’s Chicken & Fish is a good dining option for you and your doggo. The décor, the food, the whole vibe of the restaurant make it even more popular amongst the locals of the city. Their most loved dishes include fried chicken, hush puppies, mac & cheese, and hot chicken sandwiches. Make sure you order one of these mouthwatering dishes when you visit this place.

Big Star

A late night honky tonk that focuses on tacos, beer and bourbon- that’s what Big Star is. If you’re looking for a vibrant yet laid back place where you can enjoy some quality time with your loved ones, while having a few drinks and food, then this is one of the best places for you. And not just for you. It is also a great place for pets; as Big Star is one of those restaurants that allow dogs in their premises. The one at Wicker Park has a huge patio where furbabies can sit together with their pawrents. You and your pet are bound to have a great time here.

Disclaimer: Due to Covid-19 related restrictions, the services and business hours of some of the places mentioned above may be different than usual.