In case, pets weight more than 20 lbs (9kg), they will be transported in the cargo hold (More info)

Most airlines accept pets weighing 20 lbs or less in the cabin and no more than 100 lbs in the cargo hold. Larger dogs that do not meet the requirement of the cabin will be transported in the cargo hold. Before booking your flights with a pet, it is always advised to check any seasonal restrictions the airline may have.


The buildings brimming with marvelous art deco architecture, the streets home to walls exhibiting vivid murals and graffiti by eminent artists, nightlife as promising and vibrant as the daytime attractions, South Beach jam-packed with some of the most beautiful looking visitors and locals that make for some great people-watching, the best Cuban nosh which is the most mouth-watering here than anywhere else; no brownie points for guessing that Miami is being talked about here. Need any more excuses to pack your bags and go to Miami? Did you just nod? Well, when talking about the 305 being the most desirable city among globe-trotters, there is no dearth of reasons for the same. But, the one that will instantaneously convince you to fly to Miami, especially if you’re a lone traveler, is that it’s an utterly pet-friendly destination. Yay! One more luggage to be arranged!

Scurry heartily at Hobie Beach

One of the most dog-friendly beaches and approved by numerous pet-owners, Hobie Beach is where you should saunter along your four-legged friend without a care in the world. From lounging on the sand to floating with the waves, it’s a pooch paradise where your pup is going to have a whale of a time and wouldn’t be able to thank you enough. It’s not just about pets though. There are shades and palm trees under which you can sit back and relax.

Dogtrot at Amelia Earhart Bark Park

Does it scare you when you mull over the possibilities of your little furry baby getting bruised or hurt when in the company of other larger dogs? We’ve got you covered. Amelia Earhart Bark Park has a separate section and space for the relatively small doggies to take a stroll. There are exciting activities available as well to keep your pooch engaged, such as exercise equipment and picnic tables. The park also has amenities like doggie drinking fountains, benches, poop bag dispensers, shelters, trash cans, et al.

Overindulge in food at Kush in Wynwood

Owned by an avid dog lover, Kush is a combination of restaurant, pub and brewery, and welcomes the doggies whole-heartedly, rest assured, to render one of a kind dining experience. The eatery offers water stations, organizes happy-hour events and even has a distinct menu specifically designed to cater to the hunger pangs of your furry patron.

Rejuvenate with a spa session at Dogtown

After all the hurly-burly the whole day, your pup is bound to get dirty and smelly. Ain’t it? Take your grimy doggo to the Coconut Grove Shop and return with a squeaky clean canoodling-worthy fur ball. The place hadn’t been named the Best Dog Groomer of 2016 by New Times for nothing. It takes a holistic approach which incorporates haircut, bathing session using natural products, nail clipping, sedative-free teeth cleaning, ear cleaning and anal gland expression, that too without burning a hole in your pocket. Take a stroll through the Grove while your canine is getting pampered.

Are you convinced to fly to Miami or is there an iota of doubt still lingering? The former would be believed to be true here but if that’s not the case, take a glance at your pup and its gloomy little eyes shall tell you how your pet is in desperate need of a sojourn with you!

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