In case, pets weight more than 20 lbs (9kg), they will be transported in the cargo hold (More info)

Most airlines accept pets weighing 20 lbs or less in the cabin and no more than 100 lbs in the cargo hold. Larger dogs that do not meet the requirement of the cabin will be transported in the cargo hold. Before booking your flights with a pet, it is always advised to check any seasonal restrictions the airline may have.


Being one of the largest cities in the United States of America, Chicago serves as an integral part of the most powerful country in the world. Settled beside the Michigan Lake, the city boasts of a thriving international trade & commerce and off shore transportation. The shoreline of Chicago is home to umpteen dreamlike beaches which are thronged by the Chicagoans in summers. Apart from catching a glimpse of people sunbathing, there are so many exhilarating activities happening on the beaches that it will compel you to try your hand at volleyball or hop on the bike to cycle around the lively beach. Not going on a vacay to this windy city is that one fateful decision your travel bug would curse you to eternity for. Now that you’ve made a wise choice to visit this city and when you’re about to step out, your pet comes wagging its tiny tail, licks your foot and looks at you with those cute puppy eyes. Just imagine! It’s hard and heart-wrenching to leave your furry companion behind. Isn’t it? Well, don’t be gloomy because as much as it welcomes human tourists whole-heartedly, Chicago is an equally pet-friendly destination as well.

Let loose in lush parks

Chicago accommodates scads of plush green parks, such as Lake Shore East Dog Park, Grant Park, Pooch Park and Hamlin Dog Park, where your pooch can walk around freely without a leash. Whether to fetch a frisbee you just threw or to be friends with fellow canines or just for the sake of stretching legs, your doggo would sure feel elated to spend some quality time with you.

Cruise on Mercury’s Canine

As the name suggests, a ride designed while keeping the dogs in mind who’ll be accompanying the passengers on board. The staff on the cruise is extremely friendly and treats your fur ball nicely. They have all the amenities in place; from safe outdoor seating for you to unwind with your fido to water bowls for quenching your pup’s thirst. They have special newspaper-lined lavatory, in case your furry patron need to take a dump.

Get groomed at Tails in the City

Take your pet to this luxurious boutique for it’s their day to revel in all the pampering that’s going to come along. Indubitably, it’s about time that your baby pup needed to upgrade their wardrobe with all the fashionable garbs, add more fancy toys to their collection back home, check out some new bedding accessories and choose some fragrant toiletries to bathe with because come on! Why should only humans have all the pampering?

Savor yummies at Harry Caray’s Tavern

Navy Pier is a must-visit place you need to take your pooch to. Located in a vibrant neighborhood, your doggie would be enamored of the scenic surroundings. Eat your heart out at the Harry Caray’s Tavern which won’t only serve you their world-class burger and signature pizza but also boasts of having a licensed dog-friendly patio. The staff there is very friendly towards the four-legged kids and gifts collapsible water bowl to them as a souvenir, a sweet gesture indeed.

What are you waiting for? Hurry up and book yourself on the very next flight flying to Chicago to experience the sheer ecstasy and enjoy a pet-friendly vacation.

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