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In case, pets weight more than 20 lbs (9kg), they will be transported in the cargo hold (More info)

Most airlines accept pets weighing 20 lbs or less in the cabin and no more than 100 lbs in the cargo hold. Larger dogs that do not meet the requirement of the cabin will be transported in the cargo hold. Before booking your flights with a pet, it is always advised to check any seasonal restrictions the airline may have.

Hawaiian Airlines Pet Policy

Hawaiian Airlines welcomes pets in the cabin, as checked baggage, and in cargo on inter island flights and flights flying out of Hawaii. It is of prime importance to be aware of the airlines’ specific pet policies to understand the requirements and prepare for a safe and comfortable journey for your pet(s). Hawaiian Airlines maintains control over the number of pets in a single flight, so confirming the availability is the first step of many, as explained further.

Pet Criteria

Dogs, cats and household birds are included in Hawaiian Airlines’ pet transportation policy but conditions may apply.


Hawaiian Airlines allows small dogs and cats to be carried in the cabin. Weight restrictions are in place as well, with a limit of 25lbs (11kg), both carrier and the pet included. Also, only 1 carrier with 1 pet each is permitted per passenger with an exception of 2 kittens or 2 puppies from the same litter or breed. The permitted carrier dimensions for pets traveling in the cabin are not more than 16" x 10" x 9.5" (40 cm x 25 cm x 24 cm). The pet is required to stay inside the carrier all through the journey and hence the carrier should be big enough for them to sit, stand, lay, turn around naturally.

Checked Baggage

Dogs, cats, and household birds are to be transported as checked baggage if the total weight of the pet and the carrier is more than 25lbs (11kg) and under 70lbs (32kg). Pets traveling as checked baggage in 717 aircraft require a carrier with dimensions not more than 36" x 24" x 26" (91 cm x 60 cm x 66 cm) and for 767 aircraft the carrier measurements should not exceed 40" x 27" x 30" (101 cm x 68 cm x 76 cm).


If the pet’s weight is more than 70lbs (32kg) as required for checked baggage or if the pet is traveling alone, then the pet can be transported through Hawaiian Airlines Cargo Department.

Emotional Support/Service Animal

For service animals, a credible verbal assurance that the animal is in fact trained in certain skills and tasks, can be accepted as sufficient documentation. In case of unavailability of verbal assurance, a credible written letter or evidence can also be submitted. On the other hand, for support animals, the airline has an Hawaiian Airlines Emotional Support Animal form that needs to be filled. Other documents can also be accepted if you wish to do so.

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